Seahawks Play Like Numb Nuts, Lose At Home

Make no mistake, the Arizona Cardinals are a garbage football team.  Carson Palmer is easily in the Top 5 Worst Veteran Quarterbacks in the NFL.  His decision-making is the worst, and it cost him four interceptions while also netting him one VERY lucky touchdown at the end of the game.  A guy like that doesn’t deserve to win football games.  He’s been terrible for YEARS and is only in the league because he has a strong arm.  Period.

The Cardinals took advantage of a weak offensive effort by the Seahawks.  Everyone on that side of the ball – and especially the coaches – should be fucking ashamed of themselves.  The offensive line played like total ass.  How was Max Unger ever named an All Pro center last year?  He’s TERRIBLE!  Tell me any different, and I’ll tell you you’re full of shit.  I think the voters picked the top handful of rushing offenses, threw all the offensive linemen in a hat, and picked at random.  I’ve seen Max Unger blow more blocking assignments this year than I’ve EVER seen.  Chris Spencer wasn’t even this bad!  And James Carpenter?  Yeah, he’s a bust.  I’ve been biting my tongue on his play, waiting for him to turn it on, but he’s awful.  The Seahawks have had some MAJOR issues at drafting offensive linemen since Pete Carroll and John Schneider took over, and now it’s coming home to roost.

This offense used to run the ball against ANY defense!  It didn’t MATTER how highly rated you were!  It didn’t matter if we were playing the 49ers or the Jaguars, the Seahawks were running the ball and you weren’t going to stop ’em!  Bullshit.  Utter, utter bullshit.

If there’s any positive to winning the Super Bowl, the biggest will be some dumb team hiring Darrell Bevell away to be their head coach so we can hire someone who doesn’t have his head up his ass!  Uhh, you think maybe it would be a good idea to adjust to what the Cardinals are doing to you?  Maybe shorten up some of those passes, give Russell Wilson something easy to complete?  Get him in a rhythm, get this offense moving … I dunno, go no huddle, throw more screens against their overly-aggressive front seven … ANYTHING DO FUCKING ANYTHING, OTHER THAN THE SAME BULLSHIT PLAY AFTER PLAY AFTER PLAY!  How many 3 & Outs do you have to watch before you do something different???

Now, we gotta fucking play real football next week.  Great.  And, of course, we’re talking about a Rams team that’s set up exactly like the Cardinals:  all defense, bullshit offense.  We’re already a team suffering with injuries.  If we lose someone important next week, you’ll have no one to blame but half of this fucking team against the fucking Arizona Cardinals.

Way to play like assholes, Seattle.  Do it again and see what happens.  See how you like it when you’re the #5 seed and going on the road throughout the playoffs.

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