Reviewing The Divisional Round Weekend

I know, on the one hand, it’s a little disappointing when all the favorites win and move on.  But, doesn’t it just feel like that’s how it’s SUPPOSED to be this year?  The two best possible pre-season matchups going into the respective conference championship games?  Doesn’t that sound exciting?!  And a little frightening?  Let’s get to the recap.

Seattle Defeats New Orleans 23-15

The best part of being the first game of the weekend is – if you win – you just sit back and relax until Monday.

Not a whole lot to relax over DURING the game, but that’s the way it goes sometimes.  I think if the weather wasn’t so totally fucked, the Seahawks would’ve had an easy go of it.  But, as it stands, we’ll take the win – ugly as it was – and try to forget that any of that ever happened.

I can’t remember the last time Russell Wilson was this ineffective.  Usually, when he has a “bad game”, he’s still able to do something to get the job done.  Maybe, if he doesn’t have it going through the air, at least he’ll get 50 yards with his feet or something.  But, Wilson just did NOT have anything.  There were numerous times where – on the read-option – Wilson could have kept it for nice chunk plays on the ground.  Instead, he opted to let Marshawn Lynch do all the work.  And, without Lynch’s efforts in this game, we would have lost, hands down.

You can’t say enough wonderful things about Beastmode, but I will say this:  as he bumped the run outside and had nothing but green in front of him, for a moment I was shouting to myself:  GET DOWN!  But, then I saw how much time was left, and how happy that touchdown made him, and I let myself relax a little bit.

Here’s the thing, though:  if there’s ever a game where you don’t want to see an opponent try an onside kick, it’s one where it’s been raining all day.  I absolutely was NOT shocked that they recovered that ball.  I was just happy we only had 26 seconds left, with them needing 8 points to tie.

Things got a little grim when the Saints pulled to within 16-8, and you could tell the fans in the stands were nervous more than anything else.  Seattle’s offense really went AWOL there in the middle part of this game.  I’ll get a little more into our game plan in a later post, but right now I think I’m just going to enjoy this.

Also, this pick put me 1-0 on the weekend, and 3-2 for the playoffs.

New England Defeats Indianapolis 43-22

Not gonna lie to you, didn’t watch much of this game.  As soon as the Seahawks game ended, my family and I went downstairs to play pool.  We had this game on the TV, but weren’t giving it much of a glance.

I predicted 38-20 and wasn’t too far off.  T.Y. Hilton had over 100 yards, but only 4 catches on but 6 targets.  Andrew Luck stunk, but couldn’t even mount a late comeback, as they were shut out in the fourth quarter.  They had a chance in this game, but too many mistakes and too much New England running was the name of the game.

Can’t say this makes me too excited about New England’s chances next week – I think they beat a not-very-good team – but I guess we’ll see.

This game put me 2-0 on the weekend and 4-2 on the playoffs.

San Francisco Defeats Carolina 23-10

Can’t say that I’m surprised about this one.  Carolina just isn’t there yet.  They don’t have the mental fortitude or, frankly, the talent to contend with the league’s best teams.  Why do you think every Seahawks fan and their grandmothers wanted to see Carolina win this game?  Because we knew we could KILL the Panthers in Seattle.

The 49ers look fucking good right now.  Scary-good.  Like they could come in here and impose their will-good.  I know the last two times we’ve played them in Seattle, we’ve ravaged them like no other, but I’ve got my doubts.

The Seahawks are clearly not putting it all together on offense.  We settle for too many field goals, we still have too many inopportune penalties on big plays (Giacomini!), and we can’t seem to ever get into a rhythm.

The 49ers, conversely, just moved the ball up and down the field on the Panthers.  If a team like the Panthers can’t get pressure on the quarterback – something they’re supposed to be elite at – then you’ve got to wonder if there is any hope for us next week.

Carolina had a nice little run in the second quarter there.  If you believed in momentum, you’d say Carolina was preparing to steamroll over the 49ers.  After being stalled on a goalline stand, the Panthers got the ball back and hit on a long touchdown.  THEN, the Panthers got the ball again and brought the ball down to the goalline, and once again couldn’t punch it in.  That was the ballgame.  The Panthers settled for a field goal and a 10-6 lead, which was short-lived, as the 49ers embarked upon a half-closing touchdown drive to take a 13-10 lead.  A lead they would never relinquish.

This game made me 3-0 on the weekend, 5-2 in the playoffs.

Denver Defeats San Diego 24-17

Pretty cheesy win for the Broncos.  Didn’t feel particularly all that difficult.  The Chargers never REALLY stopped the Broncos so much as the Broncos stopped themselves.  A dropped pass by Decker that turned into an interception in the endzone.  Decker also pulling his Golden Tate impression off on that onside kick.  Drops by either Thomas, a fumble by Tight-End Thomas, a little lax defense in that fourth quarter.

I’m just kind of glad that Peyton Manning won.  You have no idea how tired I am of people ragging on Hall of Fame quarterbacks just because they happen to have a sub-par record in the playoffs.  As if that takes away anything from what they’ve been able to do throughout their careers.

This win puts me at 4-0 on the weekend and 6-2 in the playoffs.

The Championship Round looks like this:

  • New England (2) @ Denver (1)
  • San Francisco (5) @ Seattle (1)

My Super Bowl prediciton is still in line.  It was both my pre-season pick and my now pick, so I’m feeling pretty good.  We’ll see how that changes as the week goes along.

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