I SO HAPPY: Seahawks Beat Up 49ers, Go To Super Bowl

I don’t have a lot in me right now.  It’s been a LONG day, with the craziest highs and lows I can possibly imagine.  I just want to put on record how great this feels.  Not just to go to the Super Bowl, but to do so after beating the fucking 49ers.  It’s unreal.

I’ve got a lot of things rolling around in my head, which I’m hoping to put out into the world tomorrow.  But, there’s one thing I’d like to mention right now.

This is the greatest I’ve felt since 1996.  The Supersonics beating the Utah Jazz has to go down as one of the greatest sporting days (as a fan) of my life.  It strikes me that this Seahawks team reminds me a great deal of those Sonics.  In the Super Bowl, the two best teams in the league are going to face one another:  the Denver Broncos and the Seattle Seahawks.  In 1996, the two best teams in the league faced one another:  the Chicago Bulls and the Seattle Supersonics.  All along, I thought that this would be the matchup we’d get in the Super Bowl, and all along, I’ve  been rooting for both of these teams to make it.  Maybe rooting along the Broncos was a foolish way to think, because Beware What You Wish For.

Those Bulls were the greatest single-season team in NBA history.  Had the 1996 Sonics played literally ANY other team, we would have won the championship that year.

These Broncos aren’t necessarily the greatest single-season team in NFL history, but they have the best offense in NFL history.  It’s strength against strength:  their offense vs. our defense.  #1 vs #1.  Titan against titan.  To be the best, you have to beat the best, and in this case, the Seahawks have gotten exactly what they deserve.

Those Sonics were a young team on the rise, against a Bulls team that would only have a couple more runs left before their superstar retired in Michael Jordan.  These Seahawks are a young team on the rise, against a Broncos team that likely only has a couple more runs with Peyton Manning before he hangs ’em up.

The last thing I want to see is a repeat of those 1996 NBA Finals.

But, that’s something to think about later.  For the record, I think these Seahawks are better than those Sonics were, respectively.  Either way, this is a day to celebrate.  I’m going to go collapse into my bed and sleep for a week.

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