That Didn’t Take Long: Guti Is Gone For The Year

Looks like I picked the wrong week to quit sniffing glue …

For the love of God, may these be the final words I ever write about Franklin Gutierrez!  Yes, he has all the promise in the world.  Yes, he has been one of the unluckiest guys in baseball.  But no, he will never make an impact again on a Major League Baseball field.  Maybe as an analyst.  Maybe as a coach.  But, never again as a player.

Theoretical Franklin Gutierrez was not only a quality bat from the right side, but he was also a monster in the outfield.  Without him, we’re down probably our best defender, and that’s a problem because HAVE YOU SEEN THE OUTFIELDERS ON THIS TEAM?

This decision (Guti foregoing his 2014 season to get his gastrointestinal issues squared away “once and for all”) not only makes the impending Nelson Cruz signing all the more inevitable, but it arguably gives Cruz more leverage, as he has to know how much of a hard-on this team has for right handed power.  With Guti out of the picture entirely, who do we have left to turn to on that side of the plate?  Mike Zunino and Corey Hart.  So, yeah, you could say the Mariners are a little desperate.

Which makes it all the more interesting to hear rumors on Twitter that talks between the Mariners and Cruz have cooled off recently.  Is this misinformation being spread around to try to drive up the price by inducing other bidders for his services?  Or, is Cruz using his newfound leverage against this team – a team he probably doesn’t REALLY want to settle for, because they’re so bad and have been so bad for so long – to try to break the bank.  Sort of, “If I have to play in Seattle, I might as well get as much money as I possibly can” kind of thinking.

Or, did this come from the Mariners’ end?  Did we decide to back off because – with news of Iwakuma straining a ligament on his throwing hand, rendering him useless for most of Spring Training – we realized that Starting Pitching is the #1 priority for this team?

Don’t you love it when your Season of Contention was a pipedream to begin with, and before they’ve even started Spring Training in earnest, everything has started to completely fall apart?

  • Guti is out for the year
  • Iwakuma is out for the next 6 weeks (pushing him out of at least the first couple weeks of the regular season, if not longer depending on how long this issue lingers)
  • Taijuan Walker has “minor” shoulder issues

Oh yeah, that one.  The team doesn’t think it’s serious, but the team NEVER thinks it’s serious!  And, if they did, they sure as shit wouldn’t have said anything to the media until it was absolutely necessary!  It’s too bad we couldn’t have swapped him out for two years of David Price except OH YEAH, we totally could have!  When Walker’s career is over in five years and two major surgeries, tell me again how the trade for David Price would have been a “terrible idea”.

God, I hate everyone and everything.  Oh yeah, and Jesus Montero is even fatter than usual.  Not that I was counting on him to be anything but fodder for Tacoma, but we Mariners fans could SURE go for a pleasant surprise or two right about now.


I’m already over this season.  Wake me up in September when football season starts.

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