Seahawks Re-Sign Anthony McCoy, Lose Defensive Depth

Hot n’ heavy!  The free agency period has begun for 2014 and the players are FLYING OFF THE BOARD!!!

For starters, Anthony McCoy – who was injured all of last year after tearing an Achilles in the off-season while training – has re-upped with the Seahawks.  I don’t know the exacts of the deal, but it’s looking like a 1-year thing for a pretty low wage.  Either he fights for back-up reps behind Zach Miller, or he fights for starter reps if the Seahawks end up releasing Zach Miller.  If Anthony McCoy is our 2nd or 3rd tight end, this is a huge upgrade over Kellen Davis.  If he ends up being our top guy, something has gone seriously wrong.

I’m for this.  I still think the Seahawks should go after another tight end in the draft – because Zach Miller won’t be around forever – but you can’t have enough depth at tight end.

On to the losses, the first ex-Seahawks defender I heard about today was Clinton McDonald, who signed a 4-year deal (at $3 million per) with the Tampa Bay Bucs.  I find it hard to believe we couldn’t scrape together $3 million for a guy who could eventually replace Brandon Mebane, but what are you gonna do?

Next up:  O’Brien Schofield, with a 2-year, $8 million deal with the Giants.  Wow.  He’s a guy we picked up on waivers last year for pretty much nothing, he didn’t play a whole lot of important downs for this defense, and now he’s getting some serious coin.  The benefits of playing on a Super Bowl winning team.  Let that be a lesson to some of those other guys out there who feel underappreciated:  come to Seattle and let your stock skyrocket!

And now, down to the minute, I’m hearing that the Jags have signed Walter Thurmond (after recently signing Red Bryant).  LOVE THIS!  Love the Jags!  Not as much as the Seahawks, obvs, but it’s going to be fun to watch that team improve by leaps & bounds over the next season or two and be able to point to all the ex-Seahawks making shit happen!  I always liked Thurmond and thought it was too bad that he couldn’t stay healthier.  I also thought it was too bad he couldn’t stop smoking weed long enough to avoid that 4-game suspension.  Here’s to hoping he gets his shit together and has a Pro Bowl career.  Uhh, might be a bit premature on this Thurmond thing.  But, suffice it to say, he won’t be a Seahawk going forward.

Losing McDonald hurts, because it looks like he has a serious future.  Maybe not a Pro Bowl type, but then again, Mebane hasn’t been to the Pro Bowl and I’ll take his career out of a defensive tackle every chance I get.  Losing Schofield and Thurmond hurt less because, with Schofield, he wasn’t really an impact player.  And, with Thurmond, you kinda knew we weren’t going to be able to extend him when we’ve got other guys in the secondary to extend (and considering we’ve got Lane and Maxwell to start for us in the interim).

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