Golden Tate Signs With Detroit; Also, Chris Clemons Is Waived

Obviously, this isn’t a Lions blog, but with news this big, about a favorite son like Golden Tate, you can’t just sit there and ignore it.

These are the things I’m talking about.  Those difficult decisions championship teams have to make.  It’s a gamble, for sure.  Everything’s a gamble.  But, as has been repeated everywhere, all the time:  you can’t keep everyone.  Not that you’d even want to, because you DO need to let your team grow and breathe and continue to get younger; but, you have to figure if the Seahawks had all the money in the world to spend, they would have opted to bring guys like Tate and Clemons back for at least another year.  Tate especially.

They’re saying it’s a five year deal with Detroit.  They’re saying the Seahawks had a firm asking price of $5 million per year and they’re saying Detroit eclipsed that by an extra million or so.  Sometimes that’s the way it goes.

I went into this before, and I agree with it now:  I’d rather have Doug Baldwin long term than Golden Tate.  If we somehow figured out a way to keep both, that would have been icing on the cake, but Baldwin is the real priority here.  And, the Seahawks remaining firm in their stance just confirms their dedication to Percy Harvin long term (i.e. we won’t be looking for any excuse to cut him after the 2014 season).

Still, that having all been said, it doesn’t mean that this doesn’t still hurt a little bit.  Golden Tate has been the only receiver we’ve drafted who turned out to be worth a damn in the last decade or more.  We absolutely would NOT have gotten to or won the Super Bowl without his efforts.  He was a major piece in rebuilding this franchise and that won’t soon be forgotten.  It’s unfortunate that you can’t keep everybody.  You can’t have ALL of your favorite players be Career Seahawks.  Sometimes, they move on.  They get better opportunities elsewhere.  That’s the way it goes.

Golden Tate is going to DESTROY in Detroit.  Defenses are going to have to still double Calvin Johnson, which should finally allow the opposite receiver to get some major numbers.  What this means as a whole for that team remains to be seen.  Seems to me they have a shit-ton of money wrapped up in the offense at skill positions; that’s no way to win a championship.  Then again, Tate is some serious insurance in the event that Calvin Johnson ever goes down with injury.  Their offense won’t immediately and totally collapse like they would have without Tate’s presence.

At least Golden didn’t go some place annoying.  He’s not a Cowboy or a Redskin or a Patriot or a fucking Jet.  He got his payday, he’s going to get his numbers, and before too long he should get ANOTHER payday if he plays his cards right.  Good for him.  I wish him the best (when he’s not playing the Seahawks).

In other news, Chris Clemons is gone.  For now.  He wasn’t worth upwards of $10 million for this year and everybody knew it.  I don’t expect him to fly off the market like most of these other guys have in the last couple days.  Hell, who knows, maybe once he comes to grips with the fact that he’s probably only worth $4-5 million, he’ll decide there’s No Place Like Home and come back to Seattle.

Or, maybe this means the Seahawks will use this money to beef up the line with fresh faces.  Tough to say at this point, but I know I’ll be checking Twitter obsessively to find out.

All in all, been a rough couple of days.  After the glee that was Michael Bennett returning, we’ve seen depth guy after depth guy find bigger deals elsewhere.  I don’t expect the Seahawks to be super-active in free agency, but now that most of the craziness is behind us, I do expect the Seahawks to be super-efficient in free agency.

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