Slow News Day: Seahawks Signed Their Kicker

Three years, a little over $3 million, Steven Hauschka remains a Seahawk.

The feeling I’m feeling is more relief than anything.  The Seahawks certainly could have survived had Hauschka signed with another team, but then you’ve got the pain in the ass that is finding another kicker.  Do you pick one in the draft?  Seems kind of a waste, especially with how this team scouts talent in the later rounds.  Do you take one among the undrafted?  I suppose you’d give one a shot, but beyond that you know you’re guaranteed of one thing:  a kicking competition.  And NOBODY wants that.  Let’s face it, with the new CBA and the restrictions on the number of hours players can be practicing, do you REALLY want to devote valuable time and energy to a kicking competition?

I know I don’t.  I like sure things.  I like to have as many sure things as I can get on my football team.  Sure things:  you don’t have to worry about.  Quarterback.  Running back.  Linebacker.  The Legion.  And, not for nothing, but we’ve got a couple of sure things on our special teams in Jon Ryan and Steven Hauschka.  Just sign ’em and let ’em play off to the side.

Hauschka, right before our eyes last season, became a VERY good kicker.  I’m no expert or anything, but I don’t remember ever seeing a straighter ball.  You know how a lot of kickers kick that ball and it has a sideways arc, like a golfer or something?  Seems to me that Hauschka – once he gets that football in the air – will know immediately if he’s going to make it.  No slice on HIS backhand (or some other golfer terminology that makes sense here … putts).

Also, Hauschka has become a stronger kicker over the last year.  Lots more touchbacks and such …

I dunno.  It’s a kicker.  There’s not a lot else to say.  Kickoffs and field goals and peace of mind.  Until he has one of those years where he inexplicably misses 12 kicks and is waived in favor of someone who WON’T cost us some football games.  But, that’s a ways away, I suppose.

In other news, Walter Thurmond signed with the Giants.  Should get a chance to start.  Should prove himself – in short order – that he’s the best cornerback they’ve got.  Just glad he didn’t sign with the 49ers.  Frankly, I’m just glad ALL of these guys didn’t sign with the 49ers.

The Seahawks are still meeting with players, trying to get some deals done, but trying to get them done on the cheap, because we’ve got fancy plans for this salary cap money!  And pants to match.

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