Seahawks Trade For Terrelle Pryor

When I first heard about this, the people on Twitter were flipping out … in a positive way!  My initial reaction was to think, “Well, this is a nothing move that’s going to get analyzed to death.”

We have a quarterback.  His name is Russell Wilson and he just led us to a championship.  We also already have a backup quarterback.  His name is Tarvaris Jackson, and in spite of my feelings for him as a starter, he’s still a better backup option than Terrelle Pryor.

Also, Terrelle Pryor’s contract runs through the end of the 2014 season, meaning we’ve got him under contract for exactly the same amount of time we’ve got Tarvar, so it’s not like we just picked up our “Backup Quarterback of the Future”, if such a thing even exists.

What did we do?  We gave away a seventh round draft pick to … I guess … light a fire under Tarvar for that #2 Quarterback job?  Mind you, the Seahawks have had some relative success in the seventh round and among the undrafted free agents.  You use those seventh round draft picks to grab would-be UFAs who you think won’t sign with you if granted their UFA status.  And we squandered it on, what, a third-string quarterback?

If that is the case, if we are looking to carry a third quarterback on our roster all year, then who does that bump?  The Seahawks have been one of the deepest teams in football the last couple years, and 2014 should be no different.  There are open spots on this team, sure, but I expect those spots will be filled by rookies and practice squad guys from last year.  The point is, it’s tough making those last few cuts, and now we’re going to have to make one more if we want to keep Pryor on the 53-man.

Those were my initial thoughts, in a nutshell.  But, then, as people started talking about his athleticism, and people kept wondering what he’d look like on the field split out wide, I started to get a little excited.  Terrelle Pryor is a running quarterback who isn’t much of a quarterback!  Remember when we had Seneca Wallace and he had those one or two times where we threw it to him and he made amazing plays in the open field?  Remember how we had to reign Seneca Wallace in because he was our only other viable quarterbacking option, so we couldn’t risk him getting injured?  Well, what if we had that … WITHOUT the concern about him getting injured?

Of course, that feels a little unrealistic to me.  I mean, you’re going to take this guy who has been a quarterback all his life, at the highest levels of the game, and you’re going to try to get him to learn a different position?  The Seahawks are saying all the things you’d expect them to say – they plan on Pryor playing the quarterback position when he gets here – so I ask again:  why is he here?

Maybe he’s just this year’s version of Brady Quinn.  Maybe we bring him in to make Training Camp a little more interesting, and then we cut him because we get to see with our own eyes that he’s horrible.

Or, maybe it’s my worst nightmare come to life:  we bring Pryor in and he shows us something, and then our offensive coordinator creates this package of plays based on his “abilities” and he’s our version of Tim Tebow, disrupting the regular offense by being shuttled on and off the field to diminishing returns.

I’m not going to freak out one way or the other on this move, because it’s not important.  People are making it into a bigger deal than it is, because it’s the quarterback position and because he played for a bigtime program in Ohio State.  So, I hope you like hearing about this all day every day, because that’s what your week’s going to be like if you follow sports in Seattle.

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