The Mariners Are Getting Most Of Their Run Differential From Blowouts

The Mariners need more offensive consistency.  Yeah, I say that now, and look at what just happened!  The Mariners have been crushing Houston in the first two games of the series by a combined score of 23-6!  When you tack on those Boston games last week, it looks like a nice little run we’ve been on.  Home or away, the Mariners are finding ways to win!

Hell, our run differential is the second-best in all of baseball at +67!

Ah HA!  Well, let’s take a look at that, shall we?  How would you define a blowout?  I would say, in baseball, it’s when a team wins by 6 runs or more.  So, I’ve counted all the games where the Mariners have won by 6 or more runs, and I’ve counted all the games where the Mariners have lost by 6 or more runs (for the record, I decided to check on all the games with a 5-run differential, just to be thorough, and there has been an equal number of games where the Mariners have won by 5 and lost by 5, so that point is moot; also for the record, winning by 4 runs isn’t a blowout, because I said so).

As it turns out, the Mariners have won by 6 runs or more nine times this year!  For a combined score of 90-24, or a +66 run differential.  The Mariners have lost by 6 runs or more … just once.  A 7-0 shutout down in Miami.  On the one hand, YEAH!  That’s great!  The Mariners are staying in lots of closer ballgames and their pitching isn’t letting us get too far behind.  But, on the other hand, the Mariners have almost all of their run differential accounted for in blowout wins.  They’re 9-1 in blowouts, meaning they’re 37-37 in all games decided by 5 runs or less.

That’s right.  When the Mariners aren’t having a field day at the plate, they’re essentially a .500 ballclub.

To counter that, you could say, “At least we’re capable of scoring lots of runs on occasion!”  And that’s true.  That certainly beats the alternative of being 1-9 in blowouts.  You and I both know that we’ve seen our fair share of the Mariners being on the ass-end of some blowouts in recent years.  It is true that the Mariners are capable of greatness at times.  But, let’s see how many times these same Mariners have scored 2 runs or less.

26 times.  I checked it twice.  The Mariners have been held to 2 runs or less 26 times out of a total of 84 games, or approximately 31% of all games.   In those games, it should be pretty obvious, the Mariners don’t have the greatest record.  4-22.  We’ve been shutout nine times.

This is what I’m talking about when I say the Mariners need more consistency.  Yes, the pitching staff makes up for a lot of it.  In games where we score 3 runs or more, we’re obviously 42-16.  So, I’m not even saying that we need A LOT more runs per game.  I’m just saying, we can’t be so completely inept in a third of our games.  We’ve got to give our pitchers a chance!  They’re not going to be lights out forever.  They’re going to have their struggles.  It’s in those games where you’d like to see the Mariners rip off 13 runs; not necessarily in the games where the Mariners are dealing and holding the other team to 2 runs.

Blowouts are nice, but they’re not practical.  You can’t base your whole season on winning blowouts.  I’d much rather see a better record in closer games, and a closer-to-.500 record in blowouts.  Like, for instance, an improvement over our record in 1-run games; we’re currently 9-13.  Let’s flip that around.  Let’s, as they say, “save” some of these runs in blowouts for games where we actually need the support.

Or, you know, let’s bring a guy or two in here who will give us a better chance of winning when the chips are down and we’re going up against a good pitcher.  Let’s trim the fat and pack on some lean muscle, what do you say, Mariners Front Office?

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