#10 – Kam Chancellor

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Look, I’m just going to come out and say it:  Kam Chancellor is my favorite Seahawk playing today.  Full disclosure!  His performance in Super Bowl XLVIII is already legendary; we’ll be telling our grandkids about it decades from now (or, you know, telling random neighborhood kids about it, through a bullhorn, 100 yards away from the nearest playground you’re no longer allowed to frequent).

I don’t want to imagine a world where Kam Chancellor isn’t playing football for the Seahawks.  As it stands right now, though, it may be a reality.  Kam had “minor” hip surgery at some point after the Super Bowl.  We’ve been assured that he’s on the mend and is likely to be ready for the regular season.  If that’s the case, then no harm, no foul.  But, after watching Percy Harvin spend most of the season trying to get over HIS hip surgery last year, color me badd concerned.

Losing Chancellor would be a major blow.  It’s a major blow because of the drop-off in talent from his Pro Bowl-level play to whoever has to step up and replace him (injury-prone Jeron Johnson, or mostly-untested DeShawn Shead).  Chancellor is the enforcer.  He’s the member of our defense that inspires the most fear in opposing offenses (at least, those members who have to go out and run patterns and try to catch balls).  He’s also got enough speed to play over the top and let Earl Thomas come up and fill in underneath.  Kam Chancellor is a big reason why this defense – and especially this secondary – is as good as it is.  Offenses can’t just bank on Thomas playing deep safety all the time.  Chancellor keeps them honest and allows Thomas the freedom to do pretty much whatever he wants.

It’s really difficult to rank one player over another in this secondary, as everyone has a role and it’s when they all perform within their roles that this unit reaches peak efficiency.  Earl Thomas can’t do what he does without Kam Chancellor.  Richard Sherman can’t do what HE does without Earl Thomas and Kam Chancellor.  The safeties can’t do what they do if they don’t have two outside corners who are able to shut down their sides of the field.  Our secondary is an ecosystem, and when all are healthy and playing up to their abilities, it’s an ecosystem perfectly in balance and harmony.  As a result, you could rank these guys interchangeably and you wouldn’t necessarily be wrong.

I’ll just leave it as is:  Kam Chancellor – along with Earl Thomas and Richard Sherman – is one of the ten most important Seahawks of 2014.  Who really cares if he’s #2 or #10?

As far as what to expect, the sky is really the limit for Chancellor.  He, along with Thomas and Sherman, has the ability to be a Defensive Player of the Year candidate.  Ditto being an All Pro.  It’s difficult when we already have Thomas and Sherman drawing most of the attention and hype, but you figure all Chancellor has to do is run into a handful of interceptions and go from there.  In the end, you figure all three of these guys are likely to cancel one another out, but we as Seahawks fans know the score.

The Seahawks had the best defense in the NFL in 2013.  They’re likely to have one of the best – if not THE best – again in 2014.  Kam Chancellor and the Legion of Boom will be a large reason for this ranking.  Keeping them all healthy will be of utmost importance.  I know that’s a difficult proposition, considering these guys are some hard hitting mofos.  But they’re also just all-around tough guys, so you know it would take something super serious to keep them off the field for long.

Just as soon as I get me some extra money, I’m buying my first new Seahawks jersey in years, and that jersey is GOING to be a Chancellor jersey.  You can count on that.

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  2. I had the chance last year to pick up my first jersey. Everyone thought I was crazy for buying #31. Nobody else had it at the time. It’s still a no brainer for me. Especially after the Super Bowl.

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