Week 19 Random Mariners Thoughts

The Mariners lost one game in the last week, so OF COURSE it was the game where we inducted Lou into the Mariners Hall of Fame.  Have we EVER won these games where we’re honoring someone special?

Well, it got a little dicey there in the month of July, but here we are smack dab in the middle of August and we’ve won 5 of our last 6 and 8 of our last 12.  We play Toronto for three games, starting tonight, and then we go on a big ol’ road trip.

Right now, the Mariners are tied with Toronto, 1.5 games behind Kansas City of all teams for the second Wild Card.  The Yankees are right there behind us, 2.5 games back of KC.

Boy, that Chris Taylor guy looks like the real deal, huh?  The kid’s batting .400 with five doubles and spraying the ball to all fields!  Granted, it’s been 14 games, but still, it’s pretty impressive.

As for the other newcomers, I think I’m gonna like Austin Jackson, I think I’m going to be utterly disappointed in Chris Denorfia, and I still do honestly believe that Kendrys Morales will pull out of the nosedive that has been his 2014 season.

On the pitching side of things, we’re just mowing guys down left and right.  Not a whole lot new to say.  Felix is still going strong with his 15 consecutive games of going 7 innings or more and giving up 2 runs or less.  His ERA is down to 1.97 and the team’s ERA is down to 2.99.  We’re getting into mythic territory here, ladies and gentlemen.

The offense as a whole has been marginally better over the last week, though we still couldn’t get more than 1 run off of Hector Noesi, which is a fucking travesty.  Here’s to never playing the White Sox again this year.

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