The Remaining Schedule & Pitching Matchups of the Seattle Mariners

Gonna make this really quick.  Here’s the upcoming schedule for the rest of the season:

Hey there, good lookin' ...

Hey there, good lookin’ …

I like looking at pitching matchups and trying to glean what’s going to happen.  In this scenario, there is everything to like.

Today, we’ve got Iwakuma going against whatever a Tropeano is; that should be a win.

Against Oakland, we’ve got Paxton/Felix/Young vs. Hammel/Gray/Lester.  SOMEHOW, we’ve got to win 2 of 3, and frankly, I like our chances in those first two games.  None of those games will be walk-overs, but I have to believe the Mariners will have adjusted to Hammel by the time we play him a second time.

Then, we go on the road for four in Anaheim.  We’re losing that Monday game, because Shoemaker looks like a stud.  But, the other three?  I like our chances to go 3-1 against the leader of the West.

That brings us down to Houston where we THANKFULLY avoid Collin McHugh.  The three starters they’ve got in his place that series are eminently beatable, so unless our offense goes in the tank, we should be able to sweep that one.

This brings us to four games in Toronto.  Paxton and Felix are slated to go the first two games, with Young and Elias going the next two.  No Toronto starter scares me at all, so another best-case scenario is us beating them all four times (don’t scoff; we managed to sweep them in three games in Safeco in August).

Finally, closing out the season, we have Anaheim here in Seattle.  If the rotation holds, Iwakuma would lead us off, followed by Paxton, and Felix going in the finale if necessary.  They face the same combo we’ll see in Anaheim next week:  Shoemaker/Rasmus/Wilson.  Avoiding Weaver is always a plus, so that’s cool.

Best-case scenario:  the Mariners go 15-3, easily secure one of the Wild Card spots, and possibly make things interesting in the division (but, ultimately lose it by a comfortable margin).

A more-realistic scenario has the Mariners going 11-7, ending the season 90-72.  In this scenario, I have the Mariners going 2-2 to close out the homestand, 2-2 in Anaheim, and losing 1 game per series the rest of the way.  Is 90-72 enough to get us in the playoffs?  To be honest, I’m starting to have my doubts.

Here’s to hoping that the Mariners go on a huge run very soon to end the season.

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