Week 24 Random Mariners Thoughts

This one’s coming to you a little late this week because it’s football season and I feel a pressing need to be a little more timely with my football coverage than my baseball coverage.

So, the Mariners sure did suck last week.  Lost 2 of 3 to Houston and followed that up with losing 2 of 3 to Oakland.  Going into last night’s game, the Mariners were on a 2-6 streak that somehow still had them in the playoff picture, but didn’t instill a whole lot of confidence in their abilities to follow through on their potential.  Luckily, Oakland and Kansas City both lost last night, while the Mariners brought the apocalypse down in Anaheim to the tune of a 13-2 victory, so we’re officially only 1 game out of the second wild card spot and 2 games out of the first wild card spot.

Here’s the deal.  The Mariners can’t afford ANY more dry spells.  There are 12 games left.  These have to be the best 12 games of our lives!  While we can’t necessarily count on the Royals to fall in the tank these next couple weeks, there is room for optimism.

For instance, tonight, the Royals go up against Chris Sale and the White Sox.  If Sale can just be a buddy for once and destroy them, that’d be awful nice.  Then, the Royals host the Tigers for three games over the weekend.  In that series, Verlander and Scherzer are set to pitch on Saturday and Sunday.  You have to like the Tigers’ chances in those games.  Then, on Monday, the Royals supposedly have to finish out a game against the Indians that was postponed because of rain.  That game – again, supposedly, because I’m still not finding it on their schedule anywhere – is in the 10th inning with the Royals losing by 2 runs.  Why they didn’t just call the game there, I’ll never know.  Anyway, you’d think that would be a loss.  They follow that up with three full games in Cleveland.  The Indians aren’t great, but they’ve got a winning record.  Lastly, the Royals go to Chicago for four against the White Sox to close out the season.  Somehow, they miss Sale in this turn, so that’s a real bummer.  Nevertheless, you won’t find a bigger White Sox fan on the planet that weekend.

As for the A’s, I’m less optimistic that we’ll be able to catch them.  Yes, they lost to the Rangers last night, but I don’t think you can really count on a team like the Rangers playing spoiler for you.  They get two more against them before Philadelphia and their trainwreck comes to town for three.  THEN, there’s three more home games to follow, this time against the Angels.  They’ve got 8 games left of a 9-game homestand before they close out the year with four down in Texas.  9 of their remaining 12 games are against God-awful teams.  It would be a real miracle if the A’s continued to sputter (their series in Seattle notwithstanding) down the stretch.

I’m still not optimistic in the Mariners’ chances of making the playoffs, but yesterday sure was fun.  If we can somehow keep this going through the rest of this road trip, it would make me awfully happy.

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