Week 25 Random Mariners Thoughts

I’m really pimping the shit out of this contest this week.  So, vote for me!  I’ll be your best friend!  (or your worst enemy …)

At this time last week (so, Wednesday morning then), I said the Mariners can’t afford any more dry spells.  They proceeded to go out and lose that night to Anaheim (eventually giving them the division title when Oakland later lost).  Indeed, in the last seven games, the Mariners have gone 2-5.  They now sit at 83-74, and a full three games behind both Oakland and Kansas City for the final Wild Card spot.  With five games to play.

And, on top of all of that, we just got crushed in Felix’s start last night.  If there was ANY hope for this team, it rested on Felix’s shoulders, and God bless him, it just wasn’t meant to be.

That’s got to be a rough feeling.  Felix hasn’t wanted anything more than taking this team to the playoffs.  And, when he has a real opportunity to help this team reach that goal (or at least keep us in the running), he lays an egg.

Normally, I feel really pissed off when the Mariners blow a high-leverage game like this.  But, when it’s Felix giving up 8 runs in 4.2 innings, I mostly just feel sad.  Of course, he’s not alone in this week from Hell, but he’s supposed to be better than the rest.  Pobody’s nerfect and all that.  It was just a bad time for a bad performance.  But, you can say that about all of our pitching this week.

  • 9/23 – Felix:  4.2 innings, 8 runs in a 10-2 defeat
  • 9/22 – Paxton:  2.2 innings, 9 runs in a 14-4 defeat
  • 9/21 – Iwakuma:  4.1 innings, 4 runs in an 8-3 defeat
  • 9/20 – Young:  3 innings, 7 runs in a 10-1 defeat

As you can see, the starting has been horrific.  Of course, the bullpen hasn’t been any great shakes either.  And, what meltdown would be complete if we didn’t discuss the lack of run support?  IT’S ALL THERE!  In one neat bundle, you’re seeing the absolute worst that the Mariners can possibly look.  All the regression from the pitching side of things came upon us like a tidal wave, while the hitting remained anemic.

And just like that, in four short days, against two teams who will miss the playoffs this year, the Mariners have been all but mathematically guaranteed to miss the playoffs as well.

This was supposed to be our triumphant road trip.  We were supposed to tear through the A.L. Wild Card race and get to the point where we wouldn’t even NEED Felix to make his start on the final day of the regular season.  Now, we’re looking at that day as nothing more than a celebration of a great pitcher, in hopes that he’s still got the inside track to win the Cy Young award.  It’s all so depressingly funereal.

And to think, I was secretly planning on buying tickets to the entire home series if it looked like we’d be playing for something more.  Now, unless we win out, and top it off with either Kansas City or Oakland having one of the all time great collapses, the final weekend of the season will come and go like it didn’t even happen.

I sound like a broken record, but it’s true:  it’s been REALLY hard to watch this team over the last two weeks.  Watching them throw away this rare and precious opportunity has had me covering my eyes more than a few times.  In that respect, I’m almost glad it’s over.  I can handle cringe comedies in small doses, but cringe tragedies are just too much for me to bear.

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