Seahawks Set To Play Their Lone Monday Night Game Of 2014

I don’t have a whole lot to say about this one.  The Seahawks SHOULD win this game and win it comfortably.  The Redskins don’t have much on defense, and their offense plays to OUR defense’s strengths.  At this point, I’m more interested in how my fantasy team can pull out a fifth straight victory (long story short:  I need Alfred Morris to have a good game, while Pierre Garcon and Russell Wilson have bad games; if the Seahawks win while all that happens, all the better).

It’s pretty amazing that there have been two full Sundays’ worth of football since the Seahawks last played.  I know it’s early to be messing around with Scoreboard Watching, but I’m looking at this NFC as a whole and I’m less than impressed.

The 49ers struggled but ultimately came away victorious in their last two games against two pretty good teams (Eagles & Chiefs, both at home).  On the one hand, you can look at this and say, “All they’ve gotta do is hang around until the second half when they start getting injured stars back.”  But, there are significant problems with this team, and you have to wonder if they’ll even be in a position to take advantage of returning stars.  In their next five games, they play St. Louis twice, and they play on the road against Denver, New Orleans, and the Giants.  Denver is a for-sure loss.  New Orleans is – in spite of their poor record – most likely going to be a 49er loss, simply because the Saints are so good at home.  I never would’ve thought the Giants could hang with this team, but if they limit mistakes, that could easily be another loss for the 49ers.  The Giants’ defense is better than expected and should give Kaepernick and Co. fits.  And that says nothing about those two Rams games, who always seem to weirdly play the 49ers tough since Jeff Fisher took over.

That’s a 5-game stretch where San Fran could go anywhere from 3-2 to 0-5.  They better hope for that Best-Case Scenario, to make them 6-4 when they hit the home stretch, because in that stretch they’ll have to face the Seahawks twice in three weeks.  Not looking too secure for Frisco right about now.

In other NFC West news, the Cards lost to the Broncos in the most unsurprising game of the weekend.  Now, they’re looking like they’re down both Carson Palmer AND Drew Stanton.  Palmer, for the record, has a scary-sounding nerve issue with his throwing arm that leads me to believe he might want to just retire, unless he wants even more post-football health problems than he’s already going to have.  It’s difficult to see how this team is going to contend with this quarterback merry-go-round they’ve got going on, but their defense will ensure life is difficult for opposing offenses no matter what happens.

The Rams lost another tough game, but seem to have found their quarterback of the future in Austin Davis.  You hate hearing that, because all it’s going to take is a QB to prove himself.  By next year, the talent around Davis should finally start to click, and at that point we could be looking at a force in the NFC.  While their D-Line hasn’t lived up to its billing early, they still have the studs.  Zac Stacy is a running back that can be counted on to carry the load.  And, now they’ve got a receiver in Brian Quick who is distinguishing himself from a position group that has constantly disappointed since the end of the Greatest Show On Turf days.  If Quick proves to be a viable #1 receiver, that could open things up for a game-breaking talent in Tavon Austin.  At that point, you just need the O-Line to be competent and you’ve got yourself a playoff football team, and a frisky one at that.

Of course, that doesn’t mean much for this year, except for the fact that the Rams can play Spoiler with the best of ’em.  By season’s end, this will be a team that you WON’T want to take lightly.

But, as long as the Seahawks take care of business against the teams they’re supposed to, nothing else should matter.  The Redskins are feeble, so let’s go out there and show the world.

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