Seahawks Traded Percy Harvin To The Jets … wait, what?

It’s real, and it’s spectacular!

It was right around 3pm.  I was at work, on hold, trying to get one last phone call in before 3:30 (quitting time).  While waiting, I clicked on Twitter and much to my surprise, it was absolutely BOILING OVER with news about the Harvin deal.


Exactly.  What we know for sure is that Percy Harvin was traded to the Jets for a draft pick.  A conditional draft pick, likely somewhere between the 2nd & 4th rounds **UPDATED** – a 6th rounder that will bump up to a 4th rounder if Harvin is on the Jets’ roster in 2015.  I guess depending on how healthy he remains going forward.  And we know that our financial obligation to Harvin ends after this season.  The Jets pay his salary going forward; all we have to do is move up the signing bonus cap hit to this year (which, not paying his $7 million-or-so that he’s still due will more than make up for).

What we think we know is:  Percy Harvin is a God damn cancer.

We’ve got media people reporting on Harvin’s “anger management” issues.  How he’s not getting along with coaches and/or players.  How he apparently punched Golden Tate in the face – giving him a black eye – before the Super Bowl last year (WHAT???).  How he might have gotten into it – either verbally or physically – with Russell Wilson in the past week.  I don’t know how much of that is true, just as I don’t know what ELSE has been kept from us by the team in an attempt to show a united front.

What I do know is this:  teams don’t just throw away superstar players for no reason.  You MIGHT get rid of a superstar because he makes too much money and you’d rather allocate that elsewhere; but you almost never see that happen in the middle of the season in the NFL.  If Percy Harvin is, indeed, a Top 5 talent in the NFL – which, I’m not sure that he is, but he’s definitely up there – and he’s not absolutely crippling your salary cap (which Harvin wasn’t, regardless of what people will end up saying after today), then you keep him … UNLESS, he’s a fucking cancer in the locker room.

In which case, you know what?  The Seahawks won 16 games last year – including the Super Bowl – without him.  Oh, he was there for three games, but he wasn’t the reason we won any of those three games.

It is being argued that the Seahawks didn’t use Harvin properly, and that’s what set him over the edge.  Being “used properly” meaning:  “often enough”.  But, the fact of the matter is, Percy Harvin should never be the number one focal point of any offense.  He’s a perfectly great complementary piece.  Used as a decoy to open up rushing lanes.  Given the ball in space occasionally to take advantage of his speed.  And yes, used in down-field patterns.

I agree that Harvin wasn’t being used properly, because I think he was being used too MUCH.  They were trying to bend over backwards to make the offense about him and that was never going to work.  And, seeing this trade happen today, I don’t think he was going to let it work.  He was going to keep demanding touches and holding this offense back.  Watch us, going forward, be a MUCH better offense without him.  Wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest.

I’m of the opinion that the Dallas game was the last straw, but it was far from the only example of the team not working well with Harvin (or, vice versa, I guess).  If you ask me, Doug Baldwin’s rant after the game is more telling now than ever before.  He’s a guy you don’t want on your bad side.  He won’t settle for your bullshit and if you’re not giving your all out there, you’re going to hear about it from him.  He’s the unquestioned leader in that wide receiver room, and frankly I trust his judgment even more than I do Pete Carroll’s or John Schneider’s.  It wouldn’t shock me in the least that he had a big part in Harvin’s going away.

There will be time later to talk about what this means going forward, but frankly I’m in too much shock STILL to have coherent thoughts.

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