This Is Probably The Last Easy Game Of The Year

There’s no accounting for injuries, of course, but if these teams even loosely resemble what they’ve been, through the end of the season, we’re looking at the last easy game for the Seahawks this year.

Make no mistake, these Giants are terrible.  They’re 3-5, with all of their defeats having them beaten by double-digit points.  As an offense, they’re very middle-of-the-road in both passing and rushing.  They do nothing well, but also nothing completely horribly.  Eli Manning is a meltdown waiting to happen.  Their offensive line is marginally improved over last year.  Their running backs are either injured, or certainly don’t put the fear of God into you.  They lost their best wide receiver to injury.  Odell Beckham is their most promising offensive weapon right now, so maybe there’s hope on the horizon (plus, people have been calling him ODB, which is fucking too awesome for words).  But, this Sunday?  Against these Seahawks?  I can’t imagine he’s going to do much damage.

Defensively, the Giants are in the bottom 4 in yards per game.  They’re marginally better in their rush defense, but neither one is worth writing home about.  And these aren’t your older brother’s New York Giants linemen either; their pass rush isn’t special.  They don’t force many fumbles; the only thing they happen to do well is nab interceptions.  They’re 4th in the league with 11 overall.

At this point, I’ve sort of given up on ever getting a Complete Win out of the Seahawks.  Injuries and whatnot.  I’ll take the regular ol’ garden variety win if we can get it.  Though, truth be told, I have a pretty good feeling about this one.  The Giants are ripe for the stomping, and the Seahawks are just the type of team to give it to ’em.

Going forward, it gets a lot tougher.  There’s no easy game left in the final seven, not even the home contest against the Rams.  So, we better take advantage now with what we’ve got in front of us.

Yes, on any given Sunday and all that, but come on!  It’s the Giants!  It’s Eli Manning and a cast of stiffs!  My friends and I could go out there and beat these clowns!

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