Seahawks Set Franchise Rushing Record In Eventual Rout Of The Giants

350 yards.  Three and a half football fields!  That’s how far we ran on the ground in yesterday’s 38-17 victory.

  • Marshawn Lynch – 140 yards, 4 touchdowns, 6.7 yards per carry
  • Russell Wilson – 107 yards, 1 touchdown, 7.6 yards per carry
  • Christine Michael – 71 yards, 17.8 yards per carry
  • Robert Turbin – 32 yards, 5.3 yards per carry

350 yards, 5 touchdowns, 7.8 yards per carry as a team.  Now, that’s one satisfying way to win!

Of course, this wasn’t the Start-To-Finish ass ramming we all hoped for.  Indeed, the game was tied going into the 4th quarter.  But, you don’t run the ball the way the Seahawks ran the ball yesterday – even in the first half – without walking away with this one easily.

This might’ve been another pisspoor outing from Russell Wilson if not for his 107 yards on the ground.  Count the Giants among the few teams who totally abandon the quarterback on the read option, because Wilson had that run in his back pocket almost all day.  As it stood, Wilson had an okay day throwing the ball, minus the two interceptions.  I still feel like it’s going to take some time to undo all the damage Percy Harvin inflicted upon this offense (or, rather, our coordinator’s use of Percy Harvin).

The WR screen HAS TO GO.  I can’t say that enough and I won’t stop saying it until we play a game without it.  Also, if Doug Baldwin is your best blocking receiver – and Paul Richardson is your tiniest and fastest football player – if we absolutely INSIST upon running this play, why don’t we throw the ball to Richardson and have Baldwin do the blocking?  I mean, I’m a stupid asshole and even I know the Seahawks’ personnel better than the offensive coaches do!

The return to normalcy on the offensive side of the ball also continued with Russell Wilson taking some shots down field.  He connected with Kearse on a beautiful bit of improv for 60 yards.  There was another shot or two that failed, but that’s not the point.  The point is:  we’re back to taking shots down the field again.  We can do this without Golden Tate on the team, I promise!

Defensively, things were a little spotty in the first half, with the Giants moving the ball with ease.  ODB proved that he’s the lone offensive weapon for that moribund franchise, as he frequently had his way with our secondary.

The best part of this game, though, was how the defense shut out the Giants in the second half.  Penalties were minimal, and once again our rush defense was top notch, holding the Giants to 54 yards on the ground and a 3.2 yard average.

Earl Thomas really stood out, and not just for his interception on the tipped ball in the endzone.  He looked to have a bigger overall impact in this game, which is good to see as we ramp up to better opponents.

KPL looks AMAZING out there.  With a number of linebackers up for new contracts, it’s nice to know we have a guy who can slide right in and start as soon as next year.  Should go a long way in saving money under the cap.

Byron Maxwell and Jeremy Lane made their returns from injury.  With Tharold Simon playing well, and Marcus Burley being a nice role player, we’re almost FINALLY back to full strength in the L.O.B.  This will be huge as we have a couple games against the Cardinals coming up, not to mention that road game in Philly.

On the downside, Brandon Mebane pulled a hammy.  This could be devastating if he’s out for an extended period of time.  In the immediate short term, it’s less than ideal if he can’t go against the Chiefs next week, as they’ve got one of the best running backs in football.  Get well soon, Mebane!  I mean that.

Finally, can’t talk about a game like this without acknowledging the offensive line.  Okung and Unger returned from injury, making this more or less of a no-brainer.  Yes, Carpenter was out this time, but Bailey stepped right in and we had no trouble whatsoever.  Not for nothing, but Alvin Bailey is quickly becoming one of the most underrated members of this team.  He’s played every spot on the line except center, and he’s not much of a drop-off whatsoever.

This wasn’t quite the “complete game” we wanted, but it was close.  And, the best part, with guys getting healthy, it feels like that elusive complete game is getting even closer than ever.

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