Mariners Sign Kyle Seager To A 7-Year Extension

I hope you’re all prepared.  This deal – to keep Seager here for 7 years and $100 million – might be the biggest and most important deal the Mariners make this offseason.  Don’t let that discourage you!  This is something that had to happen, and had to happen this year, so in a sense it’s all part of The Plan.

True, Kyle Seager wasn’t going to go anywhere for a while, but now we’ve got him locked in.  What’s more:  he should still be really good by the time we reach the end of this deal.  The Mariners paid $100 million for what will likely be seven really good, above-average seasons of third base production.  For less than $15 million a year, we get to have an All Star through the entirety of his prime years.  That’s great!

But, it’s also a little unsatisfying.  I get it.  I’m a fan.  The Mariners will have Kyle Seager around, and I think he’s just the greatest, but there’s a big difference between these prudent, smart player personnel decisions that you HAVE to make, and the splashy, headline-grabbing player personnel decisions this team will end up doing to try to improve upon last year’s strong finish.

See, this move doesn’t make us any better in 2015.  Kyle Seager could get better, through the natural improvement of an elite baseball player who has still yet to reach his full potential; but like I said before, we were going to have him in 2015 anyway.  This move just let’s us know the Mariners won’t get any worse at third base for a while.  We’ve got two positions and one starting pitcher locked down for the long term.  That’s great for peace of mind, but what everyone’s focused on right now is:  what are we going to do in the short term to get that ring?

I don’t want to sound like Donnie Downer or anything.  It truly is something to celebrate.  But, it’s a little underwhelming when it’s your first major move of the offseason and not your final major move.  Ideally, signing Kyle Seager is the cherry on top of the sundae.  But, it’s like the Mariners just handed us a cherry and told us it’s going to be about a month before we get our ice cream.

I guess it’s understandable.  You want to get Seager out of the way so you have a clear idea how much money you’ve got to spend on other pieces.  I highly doubt the Mariners are looking to extend any of their other arbitration-eligible guys beyond the requisite 1-year deals they’re on for the next few seasons.  So, with this done, I’m sure the Mariners can set their budget and start going after the guys we need to get over the hump.

It’s just frustrating when you see the Red Sox making all these huge moves.  The A’s already went out and got their right-handed DH.  The Tigers already prevented everyone from signing the best hitter on the market.  It’s bleak out there!

Who do we got?  Melky Cabrera?  Nelson Cruz?  Torii Hunter?  Kendrys Fucking Morales?  Ichiro?

I mean, there’s not a lot out there, ya dig?  Either we’re over-paying for one of those dudes, or we’re selling off one or more of our better young pitchers in a trade of some sort.  Hopefully not for a 1-season rental, but I suppose beggars can’t be choosers.

I’m sorry, this is supposed to be a happy day.  So, let’s be happy.  Two more days to Thanksgiving!  Come on ride the train!

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