Huskies Blew Their Shot At A Perfect Non-Conference Season

To be fair, the Huskies haven’t looked all that good since the start of the second half against Oklahoma, where they barely clawed their way to a victory.  The hangover against Tulane was explained away as such.  But, they had a week to prepare for Stony Brook!  We HAD that game!  And we pissed it all away.

Yeah, Stony Brook shot lights out in the second half, but we were also making it pretty easy for them by constantly leaving their best shooter wide fucking open for impossible stretches in the second half.  Finally, when our offense shut down, it was all a matter of time.

Now, we go into conference play and have to hit the ground running somehow.  At Cal and at Stanford.  Two teams on the cusp of being in the Top 25.  Winning both of these games will certainly strengthen our post-season chances.  Winning at least one of two is an absolute must.  Losing both will automatically cast us out of the land of the ranked and will lead to everyone questioning whether we ever belonged in the first place.

This Stony Brook game doesn’t have to haunt us forever.  It would help if they made a good showing in their conference and possibly cracked the field of 68.  But, that’s neither here nor there.  Even if they end up being nothing, we can whitewash that loss by simply saying, Nobody’s Perfect.  Good teams get snuck up on in the non-conference season sometimes.  What will make people immediately forget about this atrocity is winning two games in the Bay Area this weekend.

And, going forward, we’ve got to continue to take care of business.  Beat the teams we SHOULD beat, and also stealing some wins against the good teams as well.  The highly-regarded teams in the Pac-12 right now look like Arizona, Utah, Washington, Colorado, Cal, and Stanford.  We’ve got to make a dent against those other five teams.  Getting a jumpstart this weekend would really do the trick.

I’m not giving up hope, but we’ve got to get better on the offensive end.  We can’t keep having these six-minute lapses in scoring.  We need our guards to drive the lane and draw fouls.  And, we need our outside shooters to start hitting some fucking shots.  I don’t give a shit if you’re a Freshman or not, you’re earning this playing time, so get out there and produce!

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