Podcast – Talking Seahawks, Packers, & Super Bowl With A Packers Fan

If you’re like me, you’re wildly hungover because you spent all night last night drinking beer and making podcasts.  It’s a helluva life, isn’t it?

I brought in my good buddy – who grew up in Green Bay, WI – to talk about the NFC Championship Game and to give his two cents on the upcoming Super Bowl.  I’m not gonna lie to you, since we never edit our podcasts over at weakstream, this one’s a hair over two hours long.  BUT, as I said, if you’re like me, you’re hungover, so why not give a listen?  OK, I can think of about a million reasons, the top one being this MIGHT not make your headache go away.  On the plus side, I’ve got a new microphone coming in the mail, so podcasts of the future should be less terrible, sound-quality-wise.

Download it HERE.

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