Dan Quinn Is Going To Atlanta

What’s sort of getting lost in all the excitement of the Super Bowl this week is that Dan Quinn is all but officially the head coach of the Atlanta Falcons.  I know for a fact once the game is over, this will be a much bigger deal locally, as there will be an almost-immediate search for the candidate to replace Quinn as our defensive coordinator.

For starters, you have to give congratulations to Quinn.  I think he’s certainly deserving, given his body of work to date, and I honestly believe he’ll be one of the better head coaches to come out of this year’s circus.  I think Quinn and the coordinator from Arizona – turned Jets head coach – will have the most success of the ragtag crew that’s been hired this year.  I’ll also say this:  it’s about damn time!

Teams are idiots.  If the best head coaching candidate just so happens to be a coordinator on a Super Bowl team, why WOULDN’T you wait the extra two or three weeks to make sure you made the right choice?  It seems absolutely silly to do otherwise!  Is the “head start” you’ll get with those extra couple weeks going to make up for the years of wasted seasons because you hired the wrong guy?  This is the NFL!  The head coach in the NFL is more important than the head coach in any other sport!  To settle for less is ridiculous, and all those teams last year who missed out on Dan Quinn will rue the day when he turns things around in Atlanta.

From a Seahawks perspective, we have to suffer a lot of downside for not much upside in this move.  The upside is, I guess, we get to take pride in the fact that our success breeds a coaching tree that will see its branches spread throughout the league.  It’s the price you gotta pay for all the winning you do.  Would I trade away Dan Quinn if it means winning two Super Bowls with him?  Absolutely.  But, is it going to hurt to have him leave?  Again, absolutely.

It’ll be interesting to see what the Seahawks do to replace Quinn.  Kris Richard, our secondary coach, is a hot name right now.  Some were saying he might follow Quinn to Atlanta to be his defensive coordinator, but those talks may have cooled.  Odds are, the Seahawks promote from within, which I think is the best move.  You reward your best players with long-term contracts; why wouldn’t you reward your best coaches with promotions?

The elephant in the room right now that nobody wants to talk about is:  how much is Dan Quinn thinking about his new job ahead of the task at hand?  This type of thinking gets dismissed pretty quickly, but it’s not the most unreasonable thing in the world to consider.  Especially if we lose this game and the defense looks terrible!  Do I think his impending hire in Atlanta will affect his duties this week?  No.  The man has pride in his craft as I’m sure most coaches do.  But, at the same time, he’s only human.  He’s probably got a million ideas running through his head about how he’s going to do things once he’s running the show; it’s not like you can just sweep those thoughts under the rug for a week.  The real question should be:  are we getting the most out of our coordinator this week, or at least, as much as we would if he didn’t have a job offer sitting right there on the table?

I dunno.  I’m not too worried about it.  Let’s just hope the Seahawks win and the whole argument is moot.

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