Still Trying To Wrap My Head Around It All

I’m at a point in the week where just thinking about it doesn’t necessarily make me want to run my fist through my computer screen, but at the same time if I think about it too long, I want to let out a blood-curdling scream.  Either way, I’m probably still a ways off from joking about this.

It’s been so long since the Seahawks have ended their season in a loss, I almost forgot how wretched it all is.  At least after losing in the playoffs to Atlanta, there was nothing but optimism.  While I’m not at a point to start thinking about the future, let’s just say it’s not the same.

I still haven’t been able to read anything about the game.  But, I’ve gleaned some things here and there about the rationale behind throwing the ball.  To set it up, the Seahawks ran the ball on first down, getting it down to the 1 yard line.  They let the clock tick down to somewhere in the 20-second range.  They had one time out remaining.  They wanted to throw the ball on second down.  If it fell incomplete, the plan was to run it on third down, call a time out if it failed, and run it again on fourth down.  This is what I gathered the plan to be.

The logic makes sense if you think we would have failed running the ball on second down.  Because, if you fail there, you HAVE to use your time out, and then you’re forced to throw the ball on third and fourth down.

But, here’s the thing:  we weren’t going to fail if we ran the ball on second down.  I know momentum is a thing that doesn’t exist and can’t be proven, but there IS something to be said for a defense that’s tired.  You know what’s a recipe for failure?  Letting a defense gather its bearings and get some rest by calling a time out (or throwing an incomplete pass and letting the other team call a time out).  We had them on the fucking ROPES!  THAT’S the time where you pounce!  When they’re back-tracking, they’ve just given up a decent-sized run, and all of our offensive linemen are pumped up beyond belief to shove them back and get that one final yard.

There’s something else.  All of this talk about having “faith”.  About how they knew the play they called was going to work, and it took a miraculous effort by the defender to ruin it.

Well, if you’ve got all this confidence in yourselves, why not have confidence that you can punch it in by running on second down?  I would argue it requires MORE faith to do that, because if you fail, you’re blowing your time out right then.

Furthermore, why are you playing for the third and fourth downs?  Why NOT just win it now?  This whole thing smacks of playing it “by the book”, and Chris Petersen can eat all the dicks in the world by making this a point of contention with me.  The Book tells you that you need at least one time out for the third and fourth downs to keep the defense on its toes.  Therefore, The Book says you should pass on second down to preserve that final time out in that situation.  But, The Book is fucking retarded because every God damn team has the fucking Book, so it just makes things patently obvious what you’re going to do in every situation!

Go off-Book!  You heard the Patriots; they knew a pass was coming!  You run the ball when you’ve got them on their heels and deal with the situation once you know the outcome!

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