Husky Basketball Gives “Roaring Dumpster Fire” A Bad Name

The last time I wrote about Husky basketball, they were embroiled in a 3-game losing streak – having lost their final non-conference game and two down in the Bay Area – to fall to 11-3.  Ridiculously, the Huskies botched the home half of the Apple Cup before grabbing three wins against the Oregon schools and Colorado.

We were 14-4 as we headed into Utah – then ranked #12 in the nation – with an opportunity to get a HUGE win that would set us up perfectly for a stretch run on the bubble.  Had we gotten that one, played respectably through the rest of our conference schedule, and won a couple in the Pac-12 Tourney, I daresay we most likely would’ve found a way into the real Tourney come March.

Instead, our offense went back in the tank – as it had in virtually every other one of our defeats to that point – and Utah routed us.  Not long after that game – maybe even the same night – it was announced that the Huskies had kicked Robert Upshaw off the team.  No one outside the program really knows what happened, but it’s speculated that he maybe failed a drug test or something.  That, combined with Jernard Jarreau’s knee injury, left our front court woefully thin as per usual.  Our best defender and our best offensive big man, gone in a flash.

And the Huskies, as you may have guessed, haven’t won since.

We now sit 14-9, 3-8 in conference play, second-to-last, only ahead of USC and that’s because they haven’t had the luxury of playing us.  This weekend, we host the Arizona schools, including the Wildcats who have lost all of three games all season.  Seven games remain, four at home, with the other home games against the Mountain schools.  The road games are Wazzu and the SoCal schools.  Wouldn’t shock me if we ended up losing them all.

What was once an immensely promising season has gone in the toilet, clogged the toilet, had more shit and toilet paper dumped on top of it, and caused a neverending flooding of the bathroom with shit and piss water that’s bringing up the linoleum and infesting the entirety of the floorboards with mold.  We still can’t shoot, our defense is almost entirely the zone because we have one capable big man left, and NWG isn’t good enough to take us on his back and carry us to glory because he’s just one kid and probably only a fringe NBA’er at that.

You’ll have to forgive me if I’m still in Feeling Sorry For Myself mode, but let’s just say baseball season can’t come soon enough and totally disappoint us like we all know it’s going to but everyone is too afraid to admit.  Oh yeah, they look great on paper, but when does it ever play out like it’s supposed to on paper?  This Husky basketball team looked pretty decent on paper when the season started; now look at us!

On the plus side, when this God-foresaken basketball season is over for the Huskies, I’ll be in Tahoe, gambling and drinking it up like nobody’s business.  Let’s hear it for degeneracy!

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