Mariners Tidbit 6: Pitchers Behind Hitters

The Mariners went 1-3 over the weekend, so let’s dig in.

Chris Taylor had quite the weekend at the plate.  On Friday, he hit a triple and a homer, then followed it up with another hit on Saturday before going 0 for 2 on Sunday.  Likewise, in a split-squad double-header, Brad Miller had a couple more hits, including a double, so this short stop battle rages on.

Short Stop Battle Advantage:  Even.

No update on Walker/Elias, but the rest of our potential starters got in there (save Paxton, whose bruised arm is keeping him out of game play until mid-March).  On Friday, Erasmo Ramirez gave up 2 unearned runs (due to his own error) on 4 hits, with no strikeouts.  Iwakuma had two of the most efficient innings of the spring on Saturday, giving up zeroes across the board.  And Happ gave up a 2-run homer in two innings on Sunday.

A lot of our younger relievers struggled mightily, but no one sucked as hard as Joe Saunders did in the eighth inning on Sunday.  Six runs off of 5 hits and a walk.  Granted, it’s still early, but we’re not talking about a guy who can afford to kick away very many appearances.

In other news of the weekend, Ruggiano hit a 3-run bomb, and Rickie Weeks nailed a shot to deep center, over the batter’s eye, making him one of (I believe) three Mariners to achieve such a feat.  Weeks is quickly becoming my favorite player of the spring, which probably means he’s going to start sucking as soon as the calendar flips to April.

In today’s game, Walker gets the start.  Miller AND Taylor will be starting (Taylor gets the start at second base).  Weeks goes in as DH.  And, Ruggiano gets another start in center field.  Looks to me like we’re REALLY giving Austin Jackson something to think about, with all of these Ruggiano starts.

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