Mariners Tidbit 7: Brad Miller With A Bullet

The annual short stop battle rages on!

As always, the numbers are pretty meaningless.  But, as always, it’s hard to not get excited anyway.  Brad Miller jacked two home runs, as is his wont, and therefore has taken a commanding lead over Chris Taylor.  It’s been said all along when we knew this was going to be decided in Spring Training:  Miller has the edge because Miller has the pop in his bat.  I doubt there’s much Taylor can do to win this job, as he simply doesn’t have the power bat to hang.  The only question remains:  will Brad Miller do enough to LOSE the job?  If he goes into the tank, then it’s reasonable to see him being sent to Tacoma.  But, since this is Brad Miller: Spring Training Junkie, I just don’t see that happening.

Short Stop Battle Advantage:  Brad Miller

Taijuan Walker looked absolutely dominant yesterday, going 3 shutout innings, giving up only a lone hit while striking out 4.  You gotta figure this keeps him firmly ahead of Roenis Elias, regardless of what he does in the next day or two.

Fifth Starter Battle Advantage:  Taijuan Walker

Of course, you have to wonder, with James Paxton not slated to appear in a spring game until next week, will he even be ready to start the season?  I’m hearing rumblings of a possible 4-man rotation to start out the season, as the Mariners don’t play a game on a Thursday until April 30th (giving them three days off in the first three weeks).  I don’t think that’s something the Mariners would want to do for the whole month.  But, if Paxton is ready to go by the second week or so, it wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world.  Give his spot to an extra arm in the pen – which is always welcome early in the season anyway – and go from there.

In other news from yesterday, Mike Zunino hit a bomb.  And Mark Lowe struck out the side in the 9th.  That’s about it for now.

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