Mariners Tidbit 10: Down Goes Erasmo?

Speaking of foregone conclusions, it was really only a matter of time before we said goodbye to Erasmo Ramirez.  He was never going to pitch his way into the rotation, because the six guys ahead of him are just better pitchers.  In the same fashion, he was never going to pitch himself off of the team (at least, not in these Spring Training games), because he’s nothing more than an insurance policy against one of our better pitchers getting injured.

If we lost, say, a James Paxton for a few weeks/months, then MAYBE he could have out-duelled Roenis Elias, thereby sending Elias to Tacoma and allowing the Mariners organization to keep both pitchers, in the off-chance someone else gets injured.  But, it appears Paxton will indeed be ready for the opening day roster, and everyone else is so far healthy and able.

The Mariners have 12 more official Spring Training games.  Erasmo Ramirez pitched yesterday, giving up 4 runs (2 earned) in less than 2 innings.  He MIGHT have one more start left in him, but the writing is on the wall.  At this point, it’s only a matter of which team ends up grabbing him.  One would like to believe that he’s got at least SOME trade value, but how often do you ever see these roster casualties with no options left generate any sort of useful return?  The Mariners are holding none of the cards in this situation.  And, if Erasmo had any REAL value, wouldn’t the Mariners do everything in their power to keep him?

The fact of the matter is, Erasmo Ramirez is a AAA starting pitcher.  He’s a guy you wouldn’t necessarily mind having as a spot starter in the Bigs, but he’s never going to be a legit Major League starter you can count on to reliably eat innings and be effective.  If he was, he would’ve showed us something more than he has by now.  And, if it turns out he’s just a late bloomer, then God bless him, but it’s not going to be with the Mariners.

We can find another Erasmo Ramirez type, no problem.  It’s just unfortunate it was never able to work out here.

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