Mariners Tidbit 17: Same Old Mariners?

There are two warring factions in the world of Seattle Mariners Fandom:  those quick to criticize and those quick to criticize those who are quick to criticize.  I can see it from both sides and I’m happy to tell you all to calm the fuck down.

To the people who think they’re better and smarter than the average fan, who sit in their ivory towers, tweeting away at all the dumbards, defending the Mariners while extolling the virtues of patience, I’ll say this:  don’t act like the Mariners didn’t bring this upon themselves.  Yes, without even watching a game, I know the 2015 Mariners are much better than any team we’ve seen here in the last decade.  But, there’s a REASON why fans are so quick to kill themselves over a 2-hit shutout in early April!  We’ve seen this time and time and time an dtim e a ndt im e a n d t i m e again.  We had to endure the very worst offense in the modern era, for fuck’s sake!  So, how about cooling it and letting the fans come around on their own?  It may take longer than you’d like, but that’s why Twitter has the mute button.

And, guys, my people.  Those of us who’ve slogged through all the shit.  I know, nobody wants to sit through a 2-hit shutout where a guy who’s VERY mortal against the rest of the league looks like the second coming of Tom Glavine against us, but you know what?  Sometimes, you just run into those guys who – for whatever reason – just have your number.  Hell, the good Mariners teams from 2000 & 2001 still got mowed down on a regular basis by Pedro Martinez, and those were some of the best offensive teams we’ll probably ever see!

I will say this, though:  I’m starting to get a little sick and tired of this offense being super-inept in the month of April.  I don’t want to hear about any marine layer or chilly evening temperatures.  A bat is still a bat and a ball is still a ball, no matter what month it is.  It shouldn’t be THIS hard to get hits.  I’m not even asking for them to rope me 30 Safeco dingers this month!  Just give me some line drives into the outfield!  Give me something more than rolling over on balls at the bottom of the strike zone!  This is all in your heads and you need to buck up and get over this shit.  I eagerly await an early Lloyd McClendon meltdown to light a fire under these guys.

There isn’t much to make of this team after two games, and there especially isn’t much to make of this team after last night’s snoozer.  On first glance, the New & Improved right-handed lineup doesn’t look all that potent.  I’ll be interested to monitor this as the season goes on.  It’s hard to be quite as pathetic as we were against lefties last year, but we’ll see.

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