Mariners Tidbit 32: The Great & Powerful Cruz

In April, Nelson Cruz was your American League Player of the Month.

Batting Leaders: Thy Name Is Cruz ...

Batting Leaders: Thy Name Is Cruz …

In case you’ve been living under a rock, Nelson Cruz is the best at everything.  Hitting, hitting for power, hitting runs in, he does everything you’d ever want out of your DH.  So much so, in fact, that no one has really said a peep about him primarily playing in Right Field for most of the year.  How could you complain?  He’s great!  He’s great and everyone else around him (save Felix) is mediocre right now.

From the fifth game of the season onward, Cruz has been a wizard.  In the last 22 games, he’s gone hitless in only 3 of them.  That’s absurd!  In that span, he’s had 10 multi-hit games.  He’s up to 14 homers on the year (including 4 in the month of May, which is all of four games old), and the fact that the vast majority of his homers are of the solo-run variety is a testament to how terrible the lineup ahead of him has been (and yes, I’m very much including Cano in all this mediocre talk).

The fact that this is coming from a free agent signee, and a right handed bat, playing for the SEATTLE Mariners, is the orgasmic icing on what’s otherwise a turd cake.  If this guy was playing for last year’s Mariners team, I daresay we would’ve run away with the division.  As it stands, we’re languishing 4 games below .500 and all we can do is pray that the most important struggling players finally start improving.

While we’re in this dark period of the unknown in this 2015 season, I thought I should take this opportunity to praise one of the few aspects of this team going better than we could have possibly imagined (and, in the process, probably jinx the everliving hell out of him, so you’re welcome for that).  If I told you back in March that the season was going to go down the tubes, I’m willing to wager that 3/4 of you would’ve attributed as the main reason for our tanking being an underperforming Nelson Cruz.  Which is why it feels so weird to see him being one of the two bright spots on this team.  It’s so un-Seattle Marinersy of me to get to praise a player for living up to his contract, even if it is only a month and change into the first year of his deal.  A guy could really get used to this.

Now, how about giving the man a little extra help, huh?

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