Mariners Tidbit 36: The Good, I Guess Homestand

For a website called “Seattle Sports Hell”, things have been AWFULLY chipper and hopeful around here lately.  Thankfully, I was able to blow that out of the water with an opus of despair as I looked for the most disappointing draft pick in Seattle sports history.  I’m quite happy with how that one turned out, even if you can make arguments against my harebrained theories.  We’re getting back to the roots of what Seattle Sports Hell is all about!  Lamenting our misfortune at being Seattle sports fans.  The grass is always greener everywhere but here (sorry, been watching a lot of Mad Men lately and I think I have a mood disorder).

The Mariners just finished a 9-game homestand with a 6-3 record.  It’s the first winning “stand” of the year, home or away, and could be seen as a sign of things turning around.  James Paxton just pitched his ass off yesterday, going 8 shutout innings.  Happ has been a revelation and a testament to how little I know about baseball.  Felix ran into his first defeat of the season halfway through the month of May and has been throwing Cy Young type ball for as far back as I can remember (which is about a month and a half).  Nelson Cruz continues to be the best hitter in baseball, even if his home run barrage has slowed to a trickle of late.

There are encouraging signs, but not encouraging enough.  Take the aforementioned Most Disappointing Draft Pick In Seattle Sports History (PLEASE!) and his .189 batting average.  Take Mike Zunino being even more lost at the plate than he was last year.  Take the fact that we don’t have an appropriate backup or replacement for either, when both of those players should probably have their loads lightened (Ackley shouldn’t be a starter anymore, period; and Zunino could probably benefit from not being the ONLY catcher on this team – sorry Sucre).

Still, others look like they’re turning things around.  Brad Miller, for one.  LoMo for another.  Cano and Seager are both about 50-points below where their averages should be, but at least they’re not totally worthless.  At least they’re not Rickie Weeks, Willie Bloomquist, or the aforementioned ghost of a player that is Jesus Sucre – none of whom deserve gainful Major League employment at this point in their careers.

While 6-3 is all well and good, we’re still talking about a team that’s 17-20.  A team that’s a whopping 7.5 games out of first place.  How in THE HOLY MOTHER OF FUCK did the Houston Astros go from the world’s laughingstock to the best team in the A.L. West, zooming right past us in the process?  This was supposed to be OUR year to dominate from wire to wire!  Houston would have its chance, but they were supposed to be another year or two away at least!  THIS IS NOT HOW THINGS WERE SUPPOSED TO WORK OUT!

The Mariners are going to need a shitload of more 6-3 homestands and road trips to get to where they need to be.  Excuses are like assholes, and the Mariners have 25 of them.  I don’t want to hear about injuries, I don’t want to hear about guys “coming around”, and I sure as shit don’t want to hear about this upcoming 9-game East coast road trip (or the 36 games in 37 days we’ve got to look forward to, starting tomorrow).  I just want to see more wins than losses and a huge bite taken out of the Astros’ lead by the end of this 36-game run.  Stop talking; we’ve had enough talk.  Just do.  Win the fucking games and let’s get this monkey off our backs.

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