Mariners Tidbit 45: This Is So Fucked

Couldn’t get any worse, you say?  Oh, I dunno, how about being swept by a middling Yankees team at home?  How about being 5-hit in the finale as you lose 3-1?  Those 2 for 6 numbers with runners in scoring position look pretty okay when you practically NEVER get on base!

What’s that?  Wasting an 8-inning start out of Taijuan Walker, who only gave up 3 runs while striking out 9 and thoroughly keeping you in the ballgame?  How about Robbie Cano going 2 for 14 in the series (both singles) with 5 strikeouts?  How about Cruz’s batting average predictably sliding from a high of .361 in mid-May to .324 today?

The Mariners fall to 24-29.  They’re officially closer to last place Oakland than they are third place Texas (or, at least they will be when the surging Rangers finish sweeping the White Sox later today).  How about that, fucksticks?  Sound familiar?  Mariners mired in 4th place, in a neck & neck battle for who sucks the ABSOLUTE GOD DAMN MOST.

Fuck the Mariners.  Enjoy your mediocrity you fucking dipshits.

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