Mariners Tidbit 49: Jesus Sucre Is The Worst Hitter In Baseball

This is neither here nor there, but do you know the Mariners’ record in games where Jesus Sucre starts?  3-6.  In one of those wins, he was pulled after two at bats and we won in extras; in the next, the Mariners somehow magically scored 11 runs while getting nothing out of Sucre; in another, we witnessed literally the ONLY hit Sucre has had all year:  a single, on which he would eventually score.

That single and that run are the only offensive stats he’s managed to put up, aside from 6 strikeouts.  Even pitchers manage to wildly flail away at a baseball thrown towards them for more hits than Sucre.  This is fucking embarrassing and there’s got to be literally anyone else who can come up and be better.  I mean, are you kidding me?  We’re almost halfway through the season and he’s got one hit, and he can’t be started more than 3-4 times per month because he’s so pathetically worthless?  Why even HAVE a backup catcher?  Why don’t we just shuttle him up and down from Tacoma every 10 days, so on days where he’s not giving Zunino a spell, we can use the bench spot for someone who’s capable of actually playing the game of baseball?

You seriously can’t tell me that Bumfuck Jones down in Tacoma is worse than Sucre.  Hell, there has to be someone on the streets right now who could step in and produce.  So far, the Trumbo trade is a predictable bust, and not just because he’s stunk at the plate.  He’s also forced us into playing Sucre again, and that might be the biggest Fuck You of all.

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