Mariners Tidbit 59: Going Into The All Star Break

The Disaster Continues.  The Mariners are next-to-last in the American League, 7.5 games behind the Angels for the division and an even 7 games behind the Astros for the second wild card.  41-48.  To get to 90 wins, the Mariners would have to go 49-24, or win approximately 67% of all remaining contests.

Suffice it to say, the season is over.  Normally, a sentence like that is followed by, “All that’s left to do is call up the young kids and start playing them everyday to see what we have for the future.”  It’s a common refrain if you’re a Mariners fan, but unfortunately it doesn’t apply this year.  See, there really aren’t any young prospects to call up.  All of our prospects are here!  They’ve all been tried out!

There’s really nothing left to do but play out the string.  How depressing is that?  From now until at least September, it’s going to be a daily grind for the fans.  Watching Trumbo in the lineup every day.  Watching Zunino flail at the plate almost every day.  Watching Cano ground out to the right side almost every at-bat.  Watching our hopes and dreams hack and cough and wheeze like a fat, little asthma kid trying to run a mile.

There are 15 games left in the month of July.  They happen to run consecutively, without a break, and actually kick off a run of 20 in a row that runs through August 5th.  So, there will be no off day between the start of the second half and the trade deadline.  Indeed, the Mariners will be in the middle of a 4-game series in Minnesota when it all goes down.  As I wrote about a few weeks back, we’ll find out if the Mariners are sellers or not (presumably, they will not be buyers, as all the money in the world couldn’t fix this mess).  Since we’re looking at a 1 in a Billion shot of the Mariners contending for a playoff spot, I’d much rather see the Mariners sell off as much as they can (only Felix & Seager are off the table, in my book) and go into super-tank mode for a higher draft pick.  Not that it’ll make a difference, because inevitably whoever we draft will flame out.

I don’t know about you guys, but I could use 4 Mariner-free days.

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