Mariners Tidbit 63: Hey There, Guti-Boy, Flying Through The Air So Fancy Free

I found an old blog post that immediately goes into the running for Most Wrong I’ve Ever Been In A Blog Post!

Franklin Gutierrez was called up in late June.  It was met with relatively little fanfare because, come on, it’s Guti!  He’ll be injured within a week and on the DL within the fortnight.  You may have been so bold as to expect one great game out of him, maybe two; just enough to entice you into thinking that he might be the spark this team needs to get over the hump, only to have Guti ripped away from us just as suddenly.

And, here we are, in the last week of July.  Not only has Guti played somewhat regularly (in a not-quite platoon situation in left field), but he’s remained healthy as far as I can tell, and he’s actually produced!  Two games, in particular, jump out as probable losses were it not for Guti’s presence in Seattle.

First, on July 21st in Detroit, Guti walked up to the plate in the top of the 8th inning, with the Mariners down 8-7, bases loaded, and two outs.  He proceeded to smash a ball out to right center for the go-ahead Grand Slam in a game the Mariners would end up winning 11-9.

Second, on July 26th at home against Toronto, Guti walked up to the plate in the bottom of the 10th inning, with the game tied, no one on base, and one out.  He crushed a ball out to dead center for the game-winning home run to win the game 6-5.

Of course, Guti isn’t all game-winning heroics, but he is putting up solid numbers (compared to some of the turds we’ve got on this team), .255/.308/.489 with 5 extra base hits and 7 RBI.  It’s not an MVP stretch, but it’s better than the nothing we’ve been getting out of the likes of Ackley and Co.

Mostly, it’s one of the rare feel-good stories of the 2015 Mariners season.  At this point, it’s all about appreciating the little things, since obviously we have no playoffs to look forward to.  If we can just get through the rest of the year with Guti staying off the DL, I’d take that moral victory.

Of course, now that I’ve written all of this, we might as well change his name to Robert Durst, because he’s just been jinxed!

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