Seahawks Tweaking With Their Offensive Line Already

Guess last Friday’s game didn’t sit too well with the coaches.

For w it’s w, a day without tweaking with position groups is like a day without Macklemore pumping from their DJ’s booth, is like a day without competition, is like a day without breathing.  The Seahawks are always doing whatever and whenever it takes to get even the slightest edge over not only their competition, but their previous best versions of themselves.  How can we be better than we were yesterday than we were the day before that than we were the day before THAT?

And, for w it’s w, the idea of specifically tweaking with the offensive line THIS year is particularly not surprising given the turnover of 40% of our starters.  We drafted a bunch of guys, we brought in a bunch more, and we’ve been sitting on guys from year(s) past.  Everyone pretty much at square one, mixing and matching as much as possible to maximize yadda yadda yadda.

But, here we have our first real shocking move:  Justin Britt – the guy who is one of two guys (J.R. Sweezy) who started all 16 games for the Seahawks last year – our right tackle, was bumped over to left guard for the first time since being drafted in the second round last year.  In his place:  Garry Gilliam, YOUR touchdown-catching-from-Jon-Ryan-in-the-NFC-Championship-Game-last-year special teamer and Russell Okung understudy, who’s looked good enough at left tackle to get a shot at the starting right tackle job.

I love it.  We might lose something of a nasty sort in run blocking at the tackle spot, but what we’re going to gain in pass protection should more than even it out.  AND, not for nothing, but if Britt has as nasty of a streak as everyone says he does, then wouldn’t his adroitness in run blocking be better served at left guard – where he can pair with Okung and hopefully make up for some deficiency in our center.

What I’m trying to say is:  Alvin Bailey is KIND OF a powderpuff, and he’s about one more olé block-leading-to-a-stuff-in-the-backfield away from my proverbial foot up his ass!

(just kidding, Alvin; you could destroy me in about three seconds)

Of course, this was only the first day of this particular lineup (Okung-Britt-Nowak-Sweezy-Gilliam), but I’ll be really curious if it lasts and we get to see it against the Chiefs on Friday.  As the coaches said today, you just gotta get your best five guys out there, regardless of where they’ve played along the line in the past.  If those five guys are these five guys, then good.  Let’s hope they get us through the season.

Mama Said Knock You Out …

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