Contemplating Life Without Kam Chancellor

19 days and one pre-season game into the 2015 season and still no Bam Bam.

For starters, I don’t want to LIVE in this fucking world, but I don’t make the rules, man.  I can see this thing from all sides – the player, the team, and the fan – and any way you slice it, there’s no true 100% happy ending.

Speaking for the fan, I can tell you that I DESPERATELY want Bam Bam back, practicing, playing games, and ultimately happy with his contract situation.  From my perspective, a happy Bam Bam means he can turn his brain entirely towards football and do what he does best:  kicking ass like a boss.  I want him back because he’s great, because he paired with Earl Thomas gives us the best safety tandem in the world, and because all the uncertainty surrounding our cornerback position means I want as many Pro Bowl hands on deck as I can get to make up for any deficiencies we’ll face in life without Byron Maxwell and Jeremy Lane and Walter Thurmond and Brandon Browner and so on.  Plus, I mean, nothing says football quite like Bam Bam pulverizing an opposing ball handler into dust.

What gets my dick hard in the morning?  A pair of medium-sized titties in my face, a chapter of deliciously ribald erotica, and Kam Fucking Chancellor doing Kam Fucking Chancellor Things on the football field.

Speaking for the player, yeah, I get it.  You feel like you’re worth more than you’re earning.  And, in this game, your prime is only so long.  You gotta get yours while you’re still healthy and productive enough to get it, or else you’ll end up destroying your body and your mind trying to hang onto a job in the NFL many years after you should’ve probably stopped.  At the same time, all the cards are stacked against you.  You’re getting fined up the yin-yang, you’re too many years away from a proper contract extension, and you’re part of a team who’s spent the better part of the last two years cashing in and reducing the amount of overall pie left over to potentially give to you.  Literally your only move to try to get a better deal is to hold out.  And, holding out gets you nowhere if you’re not determined and willing to go it for the long haul.  So, you do what you have to do:  keep sitting until the team flinches.

Speaking for the team, it’s pretty clear you can’t start setting this precedent now.  You nearly had another holdout in Michael Bennett as it was (as an aside:  I wonder how effective it would’ve been if Kam and Michael coordinated their hold-outs, to put double-the-pressure on the team, lest it lose TWO of its greatest stars for a large chunk of the season), how many other guys will you have come at you with their hands out asking for new deals?  How many more of these fucking hold-outs would you have to face until you put your foot down Enough Is Enough-style?

As a fan, I’ll just say this:  I’m leaning more in favor of The Team vs. The Player, just because, yeah, I don’t want to see this happen every year.  At some point, the player has to be bolder and stronger in their contract negotiations.  Defer the payday now to get an even BIGGER one next year.  Stop letting teams lock these in a year early!  Play on the franchise tag if you have to!  Eventually, the team will give you what you want, or they’ll give up and you’ll get it from somewhere else.  But, you know what?  Kam was on his rookie deal as a late-round draft pick.  He was starting in the NFL and making peanuts.  Not only that, but he was THRIVING, and most deserving of a raise.  So, he took advantage and got a nice little payday when the first opportunity presented itself.  The team got a discount because they did it a year early, thereby deferring the cap-raise out another year; and the player got to stop eating Top Ramen evey night.

But, at the same time, I’m going to be sick and devastated if this thing truly goes sour and the team is forced to trade him because he won’t comply.

What’s life going to be like without Bam Bam?  For starters, you have to wonder what type of return we’d get.  A player and a 2nd round draft pick maybe?  I’m not so sure I’m happy with anything under a first rounder, but I absolutely won’t take anything less than a 2nd rounder, I don’t care if he ends up retiring instead!

Beyond that, the Seahawks appear to have some bright talent at the position, but obviously it’s going to be a step down.  Can the defense still thrive?  I think so, but not as well as it used to.  I think some of the guys (Shead, maybe Bailey) can APPROACH what Bam Bam brought to the table, but I don’t think we ever really do better.

It’d be a shame, I’ll tell you that.  Come back, Bam Bam!  We need you!

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