2015 Seahawks Cut Their Way Down To 53

It’s been a wild weekend.  There were a few surprises – I figured the Seahawks would keep at least one of either Kevin Smith or Kasen Williams; I was pretty positive Eric Pinkins earned a spot; what the hell do we need with two fullbacks anyway? – but for the most part it played out like it’s supposed to.

The biggest news of the weekend consisted of Christine Michael getting traded to the Dallas Cowboys.  It doesn’t look like he’s going to start right away or anything – he’ll likely be their third or fourth string back in the early going – but it’s a disappointing return nonetheless:  a conditional 7th round pick (the condition being, he needs to be on their active roster at least 3 games this year for the Seahawks to get that 7th rounder; otherwise, we’ll get nothing in return).

This Michael news is sort of the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the Seahawks’ running game for 2015.  Robert Turbin is out for the year with his injury.  Fred Jackson signed the 1-year deal to take his place.  And, probably most surprising of all, Thomas Rawls won a job on the 53-man roster (though, he’s likely to be on the inactive list as long as the backs ahead of him remain healthy).

So, instead of Lynch, Turbin, and Michael like it’s been the last couple years; we’re looking at Lynch, Jackson, and Rawls, which I feel is a step up.  Lynch is Lynch; Jackson is a better all-around back than Turbin; and, if the worst should happen with Lynch, Rawls is a better starting candidate than Michael with all he can do in the facets of the running game that aren’t bouncing it outside and fumbling.

Somehow, for the love of God, the Seahawks managed to keep both Derrick Coleman and Will Tukuafu, even though we use the fullback on probably 20% of all offensive plays.  I guess you keep Tukuafu around as insurance in case Coleman gets injured (which he’s shown a knack for in his young career), and in case all of our defensive linemen get injured and you need a body.  But, it seems like Tukuafu would’ve been out there, passing through waivers as the weeks go by, until we ACTUALLY needed him.  Whatever.

On the wide receiver side, the Seahawks went with 6; the four we all expected – Baldwin, Kearse, Lockett, and Lockette – with Matthews and Daniels taking the final spots.  I like the way it worked out in hindsight – knowing that Kevin Smith and Kasen Williams BOTH made the practice squad – and I hope to hell we can keep both of those guys all season.  I think there’s a better than 50/50 chance Kearse is gone next year, which should open up a spot for Smith or Williams to jump in there.  I particularly don’t see any way (barring injury) that Kevin Smith isn’t on the Seahawks’ 53-man roster going into the 2016 regular season.

In the tight end room, the only question was whether they’d go with a better blocking end or receiving end.  With Helfet suffering some nagging injuries towards the end of the pre-season, it seemed like a safe bet Anthony McCoy would make it.  But, those who made that prediction were proven wrong yet again, as Helfet locked it down (and McCoy has since signed with the Redskins).

Not a lot of shockers in the O-Line, after Jeanpierre got released in the 75-man cutdown.  The five starters we’ve seen the last three weeks, to go with the 4-man reserve team of Bailey (tackle/guard), Patrick Lewis (backup center), and rookies Glowinski & Sokoli (misc.).  Poole, the other draft pick, made the practice squad, and should be around to compete next year.


On defense, the league picked through our waived players pretty well.  T.Y. McGill, draft pick Obum Gwachum, Keenan Lambert, and Ronald Martin (a safety I REALLY liked) were all snapped up over the weekend.  It’s the price you pay for being so good; everyone’s going to glom onto your pre-season tape and poach whoever they can, but it still kinda sucks to lose some really good prospects.

Along the D-Line, I don’t know WHAT the fuck they were thinking letting McGill walk, while keeping the likes of Demarcus Dobbs and David King.  I think I’ve seen everything I need to see out of those guys and to me they look just like replacement-level players with relatively no upside.  McGill very well could’ve been a future replacement for Mebane in the next year or two.  Now, the Colts have him and will SURELY reap the rewards.  Disappointing.

Beyond those two guys, no real shockers.  Sorry to see Jesse Williams has even more health issues going on.  Next year’s training camp might be his very last go-around for his NFL career.

Certainly no spoilers among the linebackers.  Tyrell Adams failed to supplant Mike Morgan – who’s been a stalwart special teamer the last few years – but he also hasn’t been picked up by anyone else either, so that’s good to know.

For the DBs, Will Blackmon, Ryan Murphy, the aforementioned Ronald Martin & Keenan Lambert, as well as receiver-turned-corner Douglas McNeil were all sent packing (Mohammed Seisay hit the IR with his shoulder injury from the last pre-season game).  That meant the likes of Burley, Terrell, Dion Bailey, and rookie draft pick Tye Smith all made the cut.  There was also a trade over the weekend with the Chiefs:  they got a fifth round pick, we got Kelcie McCray, who’s supposed to be amazing on special teams and gives us some extra depth with Kam Chancellor still holding out.

Oh, yeah, Kam Chancellor is still holding out.

And that’s about it.  Aside from the guys I already mentioned, the practice squad picked up our other camp running back, Rod Smith.  Fifth tight end Rashaun Allen also made it.  Then, there was some other O-Lineman I don’t remember, a D-Lineman from another team’s cuts, and a couple other DBs who appear to be new as well.

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