Huskies Shut Out Inferior Opponent It Paid Nearly Half A Million Dollars To Play Here

49-0.  After a scoreless first quarter, the result was never really in doubt.  One could argue this game was decided before it was even played – given the discrepancy in talent between the two teams – but upsets are known to rear their ugly heads from time to time.

I don’t know what you really take away from a game like this.  It counts as a win in the record books, so that brings us one game closer to a bowl game, I guess.  Maybe it gives the kids on the Huskies some confidence – or some relief, at getting the first win out of the way.  For a true freshman quarterback, I’m sure this is fabulous.  Say what you will about Sacramento State, but it’s still a step up from high school ball.

Jake Browning looked a lot better today.  326 yards, 2 TDs (one of which probably should’ve been picked off) and 0 interceptions.  He was more than a struggling newb throwing balls towards or beyond the sidelines; he dissected the middle of the field and looked confident doing so.  Again, the level of competition demands you pull back on calls that this kid is the next Brock Huard or Marques Tuiasosopo – surely we’ll find what he’s made of once we reach conference play – but nevertheless this beats a poor performance any day of the week.  I think we can all rest easier knowing that he has some semblance of greatness in him.  How great he’ll be remains to be seen.

Where in the holiest of fucks has Myles Gaskin been all my life?  Well, considering he’s a freshman, having just concluded his second college game ever, I’d say Myles Gaskin originated from some sort of Badass Running Backs Factory, subsisting on a steady diet of Gatorade and the bones of his vanquished enemies.  14 carries, 146 yards, 3 touchdowns, showing the vision and burst of a superstar in waiting.  Coach Pete has struck me thus far in his Husky career as a man most willing to spread the touches around.  But, if Gaskin keeps dominating the way we all saw today, I don’t think he’ll have much choice (if he wants to keep his job) but to give Gaskin the lion’s share of the carries and get the God damn fuck ass out of the way.

Joshua Perkins is a senior tight end I know relatively little about.  Quite frankly, I came into this season the way I go into most seasons where Austin Seferian-Jenkins isn’t on the college roster, believing the same thing:  the Huskies simply don’t have a tight end this year.  He had 25 receptions last year, and 5 the year before that.  But, he’s 6’4, and it looks like he’s going to be a prominent weapon for us down the seams and in the red zone.  I don’t know what his 40 time is, or what he’s got going for him in a 3-cone, but if he manages to ball out at the combine (and/or the Husky Pro Day, depending on if he’s invited to the combine or not), he could see himself on an NFL roster this time next year.

Today was a drubbing for the Hornets, plain and simple.  In the second and third quarters, the Huskies moved the ball at will.  And, for the most part, throughout the game, the defense held them in check.  Over 300 yards passing and 200 yards rushing will always look good on the stat sheet, but who knows if this is real or make believe?  Last week, against a top 25 ranked opponent, the Huskies could only muster 150 yards passing and under 30 yards rushing.  I’d say the true talent level of the 2015 Husky offense resides somewhere in the middle.  Where we find them on that spectrum will dictate if this is another bowl team, or simply a step-back in the rebuilding of this roster under Coach Pete.  As he continues to secure top-flight recruits, and as today’s game featured far more inspired play-calling than last week’s game in Boise, I’m encouraged by the direction this team is taking.

Next week, we face a moderately more fierce opponent in the form of Utah State.  The Mountain West is certainly a step up from the Big Sky, but nevertheless the talent gap still resides in Washington’s favor.  All in all, you have to like the way the Huskies have been tested thus far, as we prepare for Cal to come to town in two weeks.  God Awgs.

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