Seahawks Lost To Rams In St. Louis, Because Of Course

Anybody else sick and tired of the fucking Rams?  God damn, I can’t wait until they get moved to Los Angeles and the people of St. Louis can suck a fat dick!

For the record, this isn’t exactly how I expected the game to go down, but if you’ll recall I did predict a 3-point Seahawks loss.  Not that I’m happy about it or glad I’m right or anything, but I feel like most everyone went into this game sleeping on the Rams like they’re bad.  This is a playoff-calibre football team, and people better recognize.  No one thought the Cardinals would go 9-1 last year to start the season either; this shit happens.  Winning the NFC West won’t be a cakewalk.

Now, like I said, did I expect it to go this way?  With the Rams marching it on us 80-plus yards three times for touchdowns?  Hell, I didn’t even expect them to pop yet another special teams return, and lo and behold, I was fooled again!  This Rams team, in St. Louis, is the bane of my fucking existence!  That’s 21 points on the defense and another 7 on the special teams making up the bulk of their scoring.  And, no one is really safe from criticism.

Obviously, everyone’s going to kill Dion Bailey this week for giving up the 37 yard touchdown to tie the game late in the fourth quarter, and quite honestly, I don’t have any way to counter that argument.  He was caught flat-footed, got beat, tried to hold, and fell down.  It was a dreadful piece of coverage and, yeah, Kam Chancellor probably doesn’t give up that play.  I have no idea where his head was at – if he thought the play was going to the opposite side, or if he thought the tight end was going to run a hitch route – but that’s 100% his fault.  You can’t let the other team get behind you when they’re down 7 and trying to tie it to get the game to overtime.  Doesn’t mean you pin the entire loss on him, but he deserves a good chunk of blame.

The offensive line played just about as I expected.  Who didn’t see 6 sacks coming?  You’re deluding yourself if you thought we’d be able to keep their pass rush at bay.  In fact, to be quite honest, I was a little impressed at how our run blocking went, but I’m not going to go so far as to praise this unit.  It got its collective ass kicked all God damn day.  From our Pro Bowler in Okung, all the way to our first-year starters, they all stunk and need to get their shit together going into next week’s showdown in Green Bay.

Now, do you pin all the sack issues on the line?  Not all of them.  Russell Wilson certainly needed to get the ball out quicker on some of those.  And, I’m getting REAL sick and tired of Darrell Bevell calling an empty backfield on third down, when you fucking KNOW the other team is going to pin its ears back and come charging at the quarterback!  Real shoddy game for Bevell, tbh, in a career chock full of shoddy games.

I thought Lynch did about everything he could to try to win this for us.  Where would we be without him?  (don’t answer that, because you don’t want to fucking know).

I thought it was pretty lame that Russell didn’t pull the zone read back to keep it one time all game.  There were opportunities, and he left them on the field.

I thought it was a pretty solid game all around for our receivers.  Graham made plays, Kearse and Baldwin caught the bulk of their targets, and Lockett even got into the action.

Speaking of Lockett, he ran back another punt for a touchdown!  I love this kid!

Does someone want to tell me how the Seahawks could win the turnover battle 3-1 (including improbably recovering all three fumbles the Rams put on the turf) and still lose this game?  Does it have something to do with the bullshit coverage from our secondary?  Or the fact that our linebackers gave up a collective ass raping to the Rams’ tight ends and running backs in the passing game?  Who didn’t see a day full of Foles checking down?  How were they able to get so many yards on these plays?

The only real bright spot was the pass rush, which I thought kept the Rams in check.  It only translated into 2 sacks, but Foles was hurried quite a bit.  Without the pass rush, the Rams probably drop a 40-bomb on us.

A lot to work on this week, but it’s a lot, I think, that the team can correct.  I would expect the team to be much sharper in Green Bay, I would expect the offensive line won’t give up nearly as many sacks, I would expect our secondary to somewhat handle a passing attack we’re familiar with.  Time to put the Rams behind us and move on.  We got beat by a good team today.  Probably a playoff team.  Now, it’s time to put a beating down on another.

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