Kam Chancellor Is Back

The title doesn’t quite say it all, but it says a lot.  Kam is back, he’s practicing, he’s probably in the “best shape of his life”, and he’ll be something of a game-time decision as to whether or not he plays this week.  They say he has a chance, but I’m sure most of that will be determined by how his body bounces back from football-like activities this week.  If not, I would expect he’ll 100% be playing next week.

What we don’t know, obviously, are the financial ramifications.  By all accounts, Kam’s contract is unchanged.  I’m pretty sure the team just gets to pocket the two game checks he missed by sitting at home.  As for the fines that built up in training camp:  we’ll probably never know.  Reports indicated the team was looking to compromise by only collecting 30% of fines, but I don’t know.  And, really, I don’t much care.

Kam is back and playing football for the Seattle Seahawks.  That’s all that matters.

The Seahawks are 0-2, but obviously not all of that is the fault of Kam not being here.  I’m pretty confident we would’ve beaten the Rams, but it’s impossible to prove.  I really don’t think his not being here was the main reason why we lost to the Packers.  Kam being back won’t make our offensive line better.  It won’t get our offense moving the ball earlier in the game.  But, he is important to that defense, and having him back is nothing but positive.

As for the fan side of things, I’m not going to hold a grudge.  Yeah, it was pretty irritating not having him here, and watching our defense struggle these first two weeks.  But, ultimately, I’m getting what I want out of the whole deal, which is Kam Chancellor playing for the Seahawks, on his agreed-upon deal, where he hasn’t set up some sort of precedent where the team caved and players will be looking for advances on their allowances in years to come.  Nor did we trade him for draft pick(s) which would hurt us in the short term and wouldn’t necessarily help us improve in the long run.  Yeah, he’s probably here against his will, and he’s still not happy about his contract situation.  But, he’s a professional football player, so I don’t really expect him to dog it out there or otherwise play with less than full intensity.  That’ll always be a concern, but let’s hold off on that until we start seeing him calling out of games or not showing up to practices before we let our imaginations run wild.

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