The Seahawks Shut Out The Bears

It was a drubbin’, but it wasn’t THAT much of a drubbin’.  I mean, shit man, it was only 6-0 at halftime!  The first four drives totalled all of 37 yards, and the only reason we got that first field goal is because we stole that gimmicky St. Louis Rams fake-out punt return.  It wasn’t until – of course – the 2-minute warning, when we FINALLY got the ball moving down the field.  We got all the way down inside the 10-yard line, but unfortunately couldn’t punch it in on three straight throws.  For the record, I didn’t mind the play-calling on this particular end-of-half series.  Two of the three plays involved 1-on-1 matchups where we had a significant size advantage (Jimmy Graham and Chris Matthews).  On the first, the defender just made a great play; on the second, Wilson rushed the throw because we snapped the ball with 5 seconds left on the clock and still wanted to preserve the field goal try.

So, that’s pretty much all you need to know about the first half.

All you need to know about the Chicago Bears yesterday was that Jay Cutler and Alshon Jeffery were out, replaced by Jimmy Clausen and Some Guy.  The Bears had 10 possessions and punted the ball 10 times.  Even when one MIGHT make the argument that the Bears were within striking distance of making a comeback, while at the same time having the ball at or near midfield, they abjectly refused to go for it on 4th & short.

To call the Bears’ offense vanilla is to malign the most boring flavor of ice cream there is.  The Bears weren’t vanilla on offense yesterday, they were rice cakes on offense.  They were packing peanuts.  They were plain Cream of Wheat with unsalted soda crackers on the side.  Which helped to make this game probably the most boring of the three blowout afternoon contests yesterday.

Which was GREAT for me and my fantasy team, going up against someone who had the Seahawks as their defense.  No turnovers?  No defensive touchdowns and only one return touchdown?  Only two sacks?  Yeah, that Chicago offense was ALL RIGHT!

But, if I’m a Bears fan, I’d be absolutely furious.  John Fox gave up on that game before it even started.  He didn’t even try to score any POINTS, let alone win the game!  He was perfectly happy running the ball for minimal yardage, and dinking & dunking in the passing game, with no inkling whatsoever to try to convert many of the 4th & shorts they were presented all day.  I mean, why not just forfeit?  Could’ve saved you a flight.  It would’ve been less ugly than what we saw out there yesterday.

For what it’s worth, the Seahawks were much more impressive in the second half.  Tyler Lockett kicked things off right after halftime with a kickoff return for a touchdown, the longest in franchise history at 105 yards.  So, that’s something!

Thomas Rawls ran for 104 yards in extensive duty while the ailing Marshawn Lynch gave it a good try, but ultimately couldn’t make it through the game.

Jimmy Graham found the endzone again for the second time in three games, grabbing 7 balls for 83 yards.  Jermaine Kearse had a solid afternoon, with 6 catches for 76 yards.  Russell Wilson had a tidy game, going 20 for 30, with 235 yards and a 101.4 passer rating.

No one really stood out on defense; it was more of an all-around solid team effort.  They also probably didn’t stand out because I was distracted for most of the game while I was playing with my new iPhone 6s.  That thumb print scanner is dope as fuck.

Remember when the Huskies beat up on Sacramento State and all I could talk about was how there was nothing much to learn about a game like that.  Same deal here.  The bigger test is coming next Monday night, when Detroit comes to town.  Looking forward to it.

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