Defense, Referee Incompetence Defeat Lions

Let’s say you’re hungover, or you got the flu, or it’s just a bout of food poisoning; at some point, vomit is coming into the equation.  Maybe you’re in a car for some reason, maybe you’re in the office, maybe you’re just on the couch.  You’re there, you’re sick, and then it hits you:  I’m about to throw up.  It’s coming.  You get the cold sweats, you try to talk yourself into willing this feeling away, but it’s undeniable.  You’re at the point of no return.  You find yourself doing that thing where you swallow some saliva quickly and repeatedly, as if the opposite of puking will somehow prevent puking.  But, no dice.  Whatever’s in your stomach is going to be leaving your stomach in a hurry, and it’s all you can do to get yourself to a toilet before you erupt everywhere.

That’s where I was last night, figuratively speaking.  It didn’t hit me so much on the fumble return for a touchdown, though I knew at that point something was really amiss.  Here we were, with eight and a half minutes left in a game we were CLEARLY dominating, and we could only muster a 3-point lead?  Unacceptable.  But, you know, a long clock-killing drive for a score would put everything right with the world.

Except, there we were with that 3 & Out on the very next drive.  THAT’S when I knew we were going to gag this fucking game away.  We chopped off two minutes, but that would merely be two minutes we couldn’t get back when we needed it the most at the end of the game.  I KNEW we were going to give up a scoring drive to the Lions, and I had a sinking feeling it was going to be a touchdown drive to take the lead.

Had they scored, we would’ve had approximately two minutes left in the game.  Not counting the 55 yards we got to run out the clock at the end of the game, the Seahawks still managed 290 yards on the Lions up to that point.  So, it’s not like we COULDN’T have come back and re-taken the lead there at the end, but the Lions’ hypothetical score would’ve made it 17-13.  Meaning we’d need a touchdown to win it.  While I’m pretty solid on our ability to get the ball to midfield, and maybe even down near the redzone, I’m also pretty sure that with the way they were getting after Russell Wilson, it would’ve taken a miracle on par with that back judge not seeing K.J. Wright’s batting of the football out of the endzone as intentional for us to win that game 20-17.

This offensive line is a menace.  Normally, it’s a problem with us running the football.  While 110 yards on the ground isn’t anything to write home about, the 3.5 yard per carry average is pretty unsettling.  But, that was nothing compared to the pass protection as a whole breaking down on multiple plays per drive.  When Russell Wilson didn’t have humongous men in his face almost instantly, I’m sure he was having flashbacks to just the play before when he did!  The line wasn’t 100% of the problem, but it was enough of a problem to get in Wilson’s head, and lead to some very uncharacteristic mistakes.  I’m not watching the game closely enough to really make this statement stick, but it sure seemed like Justin Britt was getting his ass handed to him on the reg.  If that’s true, if he’s as bad as I perhaps imagined him to be, I think we’re looking at a 2nd round draft bust.

Unfortunately, I don’t think there’s anyone on the team who’s any better.

Losing this game would’ve been the biggest disaster we’ve seen ’round these parts since Ride The Ducks was in service.  But, aside from the O-Line, I don’t see a lot wrong with the Seahawks.  One might be able to argue we’re actually ahead of where we were at this time last year; but one could also argue that the problems with this year’s O-Line VASTLY outweigh anything and everything that was going bad with the 2014 squad.

Aside from the two nearly back-breaking fumbles, Russell Wilson had a pretty great day.  20 of 26 passing for 287 yards and a TD, to go along with another 40 yards on the ground.  And the defense was out of this world, with Wagner and Chancellor looking possessed out there.  It’s a little annoying we weren’t able to get as many hits on the quarterback as you’d like to see (also, zero sacks), but with the way we were getting after him and rushing the vast majority of his throws, I have to think we crushed the “hurries” stat.

Also, you have to like what we’re seeing on special teams.  Hauschka is money in a league being torn asunder with terrible place kicking.  Jon MVP Ryan blasted a 70-yard punt and continually had the Lions pinned back.  And, with the way teams are trying to avoid Tyler Lockett (including pooching kickoffs to our up-backs), it’s easy to forgive him for the muffed punt.

At some point, either the O-Line needs to gel, or they need to get guys in there who will make it gel.  Once we get that squared away, we should be right on track for another deep playoff run.

And, look at it this way, if the game didn’t end with the refs botching the call, you know what we’d have to listen to all week?  WHY ISN’T JIMMY GRAHAM GETTING THE BALL MORE???  In spite of the fact that in half of these games, he’s been the team’s leading receiver.  But, you know, whatever.

One thought on “Defense, Referee Incompetence Defeat Lions

  1. I’m going to say this once: I THINK THE HAWKS WOULD HAVE STILL FUCKING WON.
    They managed to drive the football to their opponent’s 20 {on third down} with over a minute left, simply to savor a 3-point lead. I find it pretty damn hard to believe they would have failed to drive it at least that far trailing 17-13, especially with two timeouts left, Russell having an improbably good passing day and the incredible crunch time comeback abilities we’ve seen countless times before from the Hawks. Even if you think such a comeback would have been less likely, we can’t know for certain how the game would/should have gone, yet bitchy NFL Bandwagon fans {Registered Trademark} love to assume we can. I’d bet the league would have mentioned that if the Seahawks faced a similar bad call.

    Further, the irony in the situation cannot be understated. The people the Motown fans should be pissed at are the league hierarchy. Bone-headed calls happen, but it wouldn’t have stood if it was review-able. Naturally though, the media is doing their job of scapegoating blame to the refs over what is much more a problem with the rules. The hierarch ESPN brought in to whine couldn’t even make up his mind as to if the correct call should have been a safety or half the distance penalty.

    On top of everything, after watching my team be blatantly RAPED out of a rightfully deserved World title ten years ago, while being told “Oh, you just have to overcome bad calls” seeing the nation go up in arms when ref ineptness actually favors the establishment’s most hated team, might just cause me to laugh myself into a coma before the Bengals game.

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