YOUR Disappointing 2015 Seattle Seahawks

For the record, this season would be so much more easier to digest if the Seahawks had just beaten the Rams.

This team isn’t worthless.  Indeed, there are a lot of really good pieces on the Seahawks.  That’s why they were rated so high coming into the season, that’s why a lot of Vegas odds had them as the favorites to win it all.  But, I don’t much feel like praising the praise-worthy today.  I feel like getting down into the muck and ragging on the guys who aren’t doing their jobs quite as well.

And, I’m going to start with Bruce Irvin.  HOW MANY FUCKING TIMES do I have to watch him go one-on-one against another team’s left tackle, only to watch Irvin get fucking stonewalled every fucking time?  I don’t know where his pass-rushing ranks, compared to others at his position, because I refuse to pay for a subscription to Pro Football Focus, but I know he does a good amount of going after the quarterback, and all he’s gotten for us is 18 tackles, 1.5 sacks, and 1 tackle for loss.

Remember how high our hopes were for him?  Bruce Irvin is playing on the final year of his contract.  Bruce Irvin bulked up to get stronger, while still preserving his speed.  Bruce Irvin was slighted by the team – who refused to pick up his 2016 Option Year for millions upon millions of dollars – and was supposed to use that to fuel a career-defining season of dominance!  Instead, the Seahawks are looking pretty savvy in not picking up his option!  I know the salary cap probably dictated the bulk of that decision, but if we’re going to continue to get fucking nothing out of this guy, I’d rather pay a lot less to a rookie and get similar (or probably a lot BETTER) production.  It’s been 5 games, Irvin.  It’s time to make an impact.

It’s even more disappointing, because Michael Bennett and Cliff Avril truly ARE having career years.  It may not show up in the sack totals (they have 5.0 sacks combined), but reports indicate they’re the most effective pass-rushing defensive ends in a 4-3 defense.  And, they certainly pass the eye test, as they’re almost constantly in the quarterback’s face the entire game.

Moving along, let’s talk about Richard Sherman.  I’m not going to say he’s been bad, but teams sure don’t seem to be afraid to throw his way this year.  And, teams are certainly completing more passes in his direction.  Hold that thought, because I’m not done with the secondary.

Earl Thomas.  He had a pretty fantastic interception yesterday to prevent a scoring drive and help initiate one for the Seahawks.  But, other than that, I’ve yet to see Earl Thomas take over a game the way we’ve all seen him take over games before.  Is he still favoring that shoulder?  Is he a little more cautious this year, in an attempt to stay healthy?  Again, hold that thought.

Kam Chancellor.  Yeah, it was fun to get you back for the Bears.  Shutting them out was nothing special, but that was a nice soft landing for someone who missed the entire training camp and pre-season.  And, yeah, you punched that ball out of Calvin Johnson’s hands to preserve our victory against the Lions on Monday Night.  But, I’m going to need to see this kind of effort on the road.  What the fuck happened on those two identical touchdown plays to Tyler Eifert?  If he’s not your responsibility, then you need to make sure you’ve got someone to cover him up the field!

Remember when our secondary, the Legion of Boom, would make good quarterbacks look mediocre, and would make mediocre quarterbacks look like they belonged in the CFL?

  • Nick Foles – 297 yards, 67% completions, 1 TD, 0 INT, 115.8 rating
  • Aaron Rodgers – 249 yards, 76% completions, 2 TDs, 0 INT, 116.9 rating
  • Matthew Stafford – 203 yards, 69% completions, 0 TDs, 0 INT, 83.4 rating
  • Andy Dalton – 331 yards, 68% completions, 2 TDs, 1 INT, 95.9 rating

If you throw out the scrub the Bears had to start due to injuries, the Seahawks are making all of these guys look like MVPs every damn week!  Where are the interceptions?  Where are the passes defended?  Quarterbacks like Aaron Rodgers and Andy Dalton used to have the worst games of their careers against the Seahawks.  Now, it’s like we’ve been figured out.  Either that, or we’ve got a secondary full of guys getting paid a lot of money, and they’re no longer hungry like they were when they were on their first contracts.

YOU CAN’T ONLY BE GOOD AT HOME!  Defense should play well anywhere, not just in front of the 12s.  This team had a 17-point lead in the 4th quarter and gave it all away.  It shouldn’t matter what plays Darrell Bevell calls!  You get mad at him when he runs the ball, but if we spent the entire 4th quarter throwing it and having passes land incomplete, you would’ve killed him for not running out enough clock!  Face it, be mad at Bevell all you want, but he’s not the reason we lost this game.  This team ran for 200 fucking yards!  For once, we can’t even blame the offensive line, because they played a relatively clean game!  AND, we won the turnover battle!  This team SHOULD HAVE won the game, but the defense fucked it all away.

It’s inexcusable that the defense should lose a 17-point lead.  And you can look at certain underperforming members of this defense as a big part of the reason why we’re nowhere near as dominant as we’ve been in recent seasons.

One thought on “YOUR Disappointing 2015 Seattle Seahawks

  1. That sound? It’s a bunch of people getting off the Seahawks bandwagon. As it looks now they have a shot at going 4 and 12 this season. “A difficult loss …” “Challenging situation …” Coach P mumbles. “It’s just one game …”

    Realistically the hawks will be back, four team division, but not this season, and probably not next year. Get a couple draft picks and weed out the dead wood.

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