The Seahawks Looked More Like The Seahawks Again

Down and dirty, as I got lots of shit to do today.

I liked what I saw last night, obviously!  A 20-3 win over the bumbling 49ers is a great way to kickoff a long weekend.  I thought we ran the ball extremely well between the hash marks for the first time all year.  Marshawn Lynch looked like his usual, punishing self.  Tyler Lockett continues to make a case for why he’s going to be this team’s #1 receiver in a year or two.  And, aside from two really baffling interceptions, Russell Wilson had a strong, efficient game.

On the defensive side of the ball, what can you say?  The pass rush really stepped up.  Michael Bennett with 3.5 sacks, Cliff Avril with 1.5 sacks, Mebane got in there for half a sack, Frank Clark had a really nice tackle for loss.  Colin Kaepernick had no time to throw and nowhere to run (most impressive was the fact that he didn’t have a single rushing attempt all game, for the first time in his career).  Richard Sherman was the lockdown corner we all know and love, eliminating Torrey Smith altogether.  Granted, we’re talking about Colin Kaepernick, who looked absolutely abysmal on a lot of his throws – I don’t know what they’ve done to him, but he’s looked as bad as I’ve ever seen him this year – but even if we were getting a Kaepernick that was being used properly, he still would’ve struggled to do much more than he did last night.

All around, a dominating Thursday night victory that we desperately needed.  It brings us back to a 3-4 record, 1-1 in the division, 3-3 in the NFC.  Now, we don’t play again until November 1st, as we head into the very best part of our schedule:

  • At Dallas, without Tony Romo
  • Bye Week
  • Home on Sunday night vs. Cardinals
  • Home vs. 49ers
  • Home vs. Steelers

The Cowboys and 49ers games should be relatively easy wins.  I like our chances at home, on Sunday night, coming off a BYE week against the Cards.  The only iffy one in that stretch is the game against the Steelers.  Our offense will need to bring its A-Game in that one.  Any way you slice it, things get a lot easier for the Seahawks going forward.  How can you not like four straight weeks at home (including BYE)?

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