The Huskies Smothered The Wildcats On Halloween

I, along with the majority of my Husky alumni brethren & sistren, had no intention of going to last Saturday’s Husky football game (as you could surely tell from shots of the “crowd” in attendance):

  1. Because it was Halloween night, one of my favorite holidays, so stop trying to bogart it with your damn football!
  2. Because it started at 8pm
  3. Because it was butt-ass cold and possibly raining
  4. Because I didn’t know of any of my friends planning on attending, and I certainly didn’t hear about any of my friends tailgating beforehand
  5. Because I was most definitely suffering from Husky-Fatigue after forcing myself to watch back-to-back stinking defeats against the likes of the hated Ducks and Cardinal
  6. And finally, because I thought there was no way in Hell that the Huskies would beat a clearly-superior Wildcats team, so why put myself through that sort of torture?

Well, if I had stopped with reasons 1-5, I wouldn’t come off as quite as big of a piece of shit.  But, what are you gonna do?  That’s what Husky-Fatigue will do to me.  It causes me to think things that are so very clearly false.

The Wildcats obviously AREN’T “clearly-superior” to the Huskies.  For starters, the Huskies very nearly beat them down in Arizona last year, and would you say this year’s Arizona team is better than last year’s Arizona team?  Because I wouldn’t.  However, I WOULD say that this year’s Husky defense is better than last year’s Husky defense, and that defense had four players get drafted in the first two rounds of the 2015 NFL Draft.

So, with that as a given, then you factor in all the rest – the game being in Seattle, the game starting at 8pm, the weather being butt-ass cold and possibly raining – even without a ginormous crowd to deafen their offense, this would clearly be a game the Wildcats would have trouble getting up for.  Hell, their head coach spent a good chunk of the lead-up to this game bitching about the start time; if you don’t think his kids feed off of that negative energy, then I don’t have anything else to say to you.  I’m sure they didn’t want to be in that situation just as badly as their head coach didn’t want to be in that situation.  We’ll never know, but I’d bet a lot of money on them playing considerably better if that game had started at 2:30pm.

As it stands, I’m not gonna lie to you, I didn’t watch a lot of what went down.  I was hanging out with my family, watching a horror movie marathon.  We did have it up on the other TV, muted, so I could occasionally glance up to see all the carnage.  Jake Browning, healthy again after hurting his shoulder at the end of the Oregon game, looked like he had his way with them, to the tune of 263 yards and 4 TDs vs. 0 INTs.  Our running game gashed them for 201 yards.  And, our defense held them to 3 points, while taking the ball away 4 times, in a bruising 49-3 dismantling.

What I did take in on Halloween was six movies of varying quality.  Can I just say this?  Netflix and Amazon Prime REALLY need to get their shit together.  The quality of their free movies sucks more dicks than you could possibly imagine.  Oh, they’re fine if you like low-budget, B-rated “horror” flicks from the 30’s and 40’s that are more boring than scary.  But, if you like ANYTHING from the heyday of horror (70’s & 80’s), you’re out of fucking luck, or you’re paying Amazon for a bullshit rental fee.  I mean, seriously, you pay over $100 for a year of Amazon Prime, and they NEVER have the movies you want to watch for free; ditto Netflix.

In the end, we took a chance on a freebie – some 2014 piece of weirdo-freak cinema called “Eat” – and ended up paying the rental fees on most of the rest:

  • Sinister
  • The Innkeepers
  • Paranormal Activity 2
  • It Follows
  • Paranormal Activity 3

Of them all, I think I liked The Innkeepers the best.  I was the most pleasantly surprised at how well done Sinister was; definitely worth a watch if you’re into the genre.  My brother and I are suckers for at least the first three Paranormal Activity movies (we’ve yet to see the rest, given how poorly rated they’ve been).  Of them all, I’d say It Follows has the best original “hook” of the movies we saw – some shape-shifting creature comes after you and kills you; but you can pass them off by sleeping with someone else, like you would give someone herpes.  All in all, I found the endings to The Innkeepers and Paranormal Activity 3 to be the most satisfying.  Check ’em all out; but watch “Eat” at your own risk, because it’s just as disgusting as it looks in the trailer.

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