Hey Pac-12, Your Refs Are Still The God Damn Worst

You probably don’t follow me on Twitter, or if you’re one of the few, you’ve muted me ages ago.  In which case, good for you!  You’ve done the appropriate, responsible thing.

Of course, if that’s the case, then you missed one of the all-time great (terrible) meltdowns in Twitter history.  While it may have been drunken, and sloppy, and rambling, and grasping at straws, and juvenile, and offensive, and funny, and unfunny, and insane, that still doesn’t deny the fact that the crux of my tirade is still true:  the Pac-12 should be ashamed of the reputation it has with regards to its game officials, across football particularly (but also basketball, which I won’t get into today).

In every single game, you’ve got at least one major screw-up by this collective of incompetent know-nothings.  At least once a week, you’ve got a screw-up so bad it attracts national attention.  They keep talking a good game, about how they want to improve the system, and hold officials accountable for their stupidity, but it doesn’t stop the gushing river of shit from overwhelming us all, every single week, every single game.  And the conference doesn’t get to go back and make things right.  We just have to sit here and take it, like jizz to the face in a Pac-12 Refs Bukake video.

Sometimes, the screw-ups are somewhat harmless, and don’t really impact the game.  Sometimes, they steal a victory from its rightful owner.  Sometimes, refs see something wrong in live action, go to review it on video, and STILL see the wrong things.  Sometimes, players are punished not only at the time, but in future games thanks to the asinine targeting rule, and the fact that most officials don’t know how to interpret it properly (or at all).  But, there’s always SOMETHING, and that’s the problem.

I can say this without fail:  the Huskies didn’t lose to Utah because of the refs.  I could’ve told you that on Saturday night when I was at my most irate.  I mean, Jesus Christ, 3 lost fumbles and a pick aren’t going to do you any favors.  The Huskies just couldn’t get out of their own way – especially in that first half – and ultimately 24 second quarter points for the Utes were too many to overcome.

BUT, the Huskies most certainly didn’t win because of the refs.  One of the most laughably ignorant penalties was called on Joshua Perkins for offensive pass interference that I’ve ever seen – he didn’t even come close to touching the defender, let alone pushing off!  That call prevented a potential comeback by the Huskies, and it was 100% the refs’ fault that we didn’t win that game.  Granted, there’s no guarantee that we would’ve scored there, but we’ll never know, because the refs failed at their jobs, just like they fail week-in and week-out, game-in and game-out.

To set the stage, as noted before, the Huskies really gagged away that second quarter.  The Utes went into halftime with a 24-13 lead and things looked pretty dire.  The Huskies got things going in the third quarter to pull to 24-20 on a well-rounded touchdown drive.  Some more stout defense held things down until the Huskies could kick a field goal and pull to within a point.  The stage was set with 10 minutes to go in the game, as the Huskies picked them off, still down a point, with the ball at our own 36 yard line.  A second down pass to Perkins up the seam that should’ve gone to the Utah 45 yard line was nullified by the aforementioned bumbling refs, setting us back 15 yards instead.  That went on to single-handedly kill that drive, leading to a Utah touchdown drive on their next possession.  With an 8-point lead, and time running low, the deck was stacked against us.  A subsequent fumble and another Utah field goal ended things, with none of us knowing whether or not we would’ve seen a Husky miracle.

Everyone always jokes about how bad the Pac-12 refs are, but is it even funny anymore?  Maybe, when it happens to the Ducks, but this shit is really too much.  With the Pac-12 and the NCAA raking in money hand over fist, how is it possible to have such nitwit morons making game-changing decisions in a major college football conference?  Shouldn’t you feel some twinge of embarrassment knowing that your conference employs the stupidest people in all of college football?  Do any of the other conferences have to put up with this type of bullshit?  I would argue not.

It’s time for a change, Pac-12.  No more lip service.  You need better, smarter, more competent individuals officiating your football games, period.  Sack it the fuck up, admit your officials are terrible, and get the right people in there to do their fucking jobs.  Settling for mediocrity is the reason why the East Coast Bias has every right to overlook this end of the country.  We shouldn’t be competing for ANY championships until we get our house in order first.

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