I’ll Be Impressed When The Seahawks Finally Beat A Team With A Winning Record

Excuse me if I’m not all jacked up over a win against a 49ers team featuring Blaine Gabbert at quarterback and Jim Tomsula at head coach.  If you watched that game and saw how the Seahawks cruised in all aspects of the game, and that made you forget all the problems with this team, then I feel sorry for you.  Beating a bad 49ers team by 16 points isn’t necessarily a sign of better things to come.  If you’re the Seahawks, and you fancy yourselves a playoff-calibre team, then guess what?  You’re SUPPOSED to beat bad 49ers teams by 16 points!

I’m looking for a little bit more out of my Seahawks team before I put my full confidence in them.  Beating a very good Steelers team next week would be a start.

Or, fuck, how about beating ANY team that’s worth a damn???  If you go to ESPN, click on their Standings page, and sort it by “Playoff Standings”, you’re going to find a very disturbing number.  That number is .320; that number is our “Strength of Victory”.  Meaning, the teams we’ve beaten have a combined .320 winning percentage.  It’s easily the worst in the NFC.  You can look at those standings and see that the Seahawks have had one of the tougher Strengths of Schedule in the NFC too, but that doesn’t mean a fucking thing to me.  Good teams are supposed to beat other good teams every now and then; the 2015 Seahawks have NEVER beaten a good team.  Here are the five teams they’ve beaten:

  • Chicago Bears 4-6
  • Detroit Lions 3-7
  • San Francisco 49ers 3-7
  • Dallas Cowboys 3-7
  • San Francisco 49ers 3-7

If you’re still on the ESPN Standings page, then you’ll see those are LITERALLY the four worst teams in the entire NFC.  So, congrats Seahawks!  You beat up on the shitpiles!  Now, how about doing just a LITTLE bit more?

I hardly give a single shit, let alone two shits, about the win over the 49ers, so quickly:  Russell Wilson had a great game, Thomas Rawls ran for the second-most yards in franchise history (209), Tyler Lockett caught two touchdowns, and Cliff Avril got two sacks.

That’s it.  Fuck this game.  Seahawks, I’ll see you next week.  You better have your shit together, because the Steelers AIN’T the fucking 49ers.

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