Huskies Dominated Latest Apple Cup

Part of me wonders what the game would’ve been like had Luke Falk been healthy.  The way things shaped up, you like to say that the Huskies still would’ve won pretty handily, but I dunno.  I think it would’ve been much more competitive.  I don’t think you can necessarily count on all the turnovers happening the way they did, in this hypothetical alternate universe.  I just know, for the sake of the Huskies’ season – now bowl eligible at 6-6 – I’m not disappointed in Falk missing the game and sparing my Huskies any potential disaster.

Besides, there will be plenty of time for that in the coming years.  We have yet to see the first of Falk vs. Browning, and when we do, I predict it’ll be a sight to behold.

The Husky defense was the real star of this game, at one point returning turnovers for touchdowns on back-to-back plays.  They forced the Cougs into 7 turnovers overall, which really sucked the life out of them, as they did, in fact, move the ball pretty well for the most part.  Not well enough, obviously, to make things interesting, and their backup quarterback was a huge step down in every respect.  But, you know, what do they care?  They’ve got 8 wins, should have Falk back soon, and are going to a better bowl game (at least, in the rankings).

For the Dawgs, Browning had an efficient, if unspectacular game.  The running game really powered us through, with phenom Myles Gaskin leading the way with 138 yards and 2 TDs.  And, even though the numbers don’t look amazing, Jaydon Mickens was all over the place once again.  He hasn’t really had what one would consider a record-breaking career as a Husky, but he’s been as steady and dependable as they come.  With his hands, his speed, his route-running, and his shiftiness, I could see him putting in a good Combine and a great Pro Day, en route to a late-round draft pick in next year’s draft.  Whichever team gets him (likely for a song, given he’s not the tallest or the fastest guy in the world) is going to quickly realize they’ve got something special.  Who knows?  Maybe the Seahawks sneak him onto the practice squad, to eventually replace someone like Jermaine Kearse.

We won’t know until after next weekend’s slate of conference championship games where the Huskies will be playing, but just knowing that we WILL be playing makes this season of transition a rousing success.  WAY more enjoyable than the 2014 version, even though that team won 8 games.

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