Seahawks’ Offensive Rampage Stops At Five Games

It’s easy to look at that 23-17 loss to the Rams and think, “Here we go again.”  That team we watched bumble around out there yesterday looked A LOT like the team that was bumbling around earlier in the season.  Couldn’t protect for Russell Wilson, couldn’t bring in all the catches they should’ve brought in, incomprehensibly bad luck in recovering fumbles and picking off balls.  Once again, it took everything breaking wrong for the Seahawks to lose to an inferior Rams team.

So, what does it mean?  You can take it any number of directions.  The karmic among us might believe that the Seahawks are “due” for some good luck with all these turnovers, which would be just in time for us to take advantage of all this good will we’ve built up in the playoffs.

You could say the Seahawks have been reading their newspaper clippings again, and this little dose of reality is just what they need to come back down to Earth in time for a playoff run.  You could also say this Seahawks team overlooked that Rams team, thought it was a foregone conclusion that we’d handle them easy at home and roll on into the 5-seed.

I tend to be more of the belief that the Rams are just a poor matchup for us.  Dominant defensive line plays against our strength of trying to run the ball.  And, being so dominant as a pass rushing unit doesn’t give us a whole lotta time to make something happen in the passing game.  When you combine that with a coordinator who likes to blitz as much as he does, it’s no wonder the Seahawks couldn’t get anything going.

But, beyond that, they still needed every single turnover-level-event to go their way.  Two offensive fumble recoveries alone on their final touchdown drive to go up 13 points were the final nails in the coffin.  But, don’t forget the route that Shead jumped, that could’ve very easily been a pick six, if he didn’t flat out drop it.  Then, the two fumbles the Seahawks had on offense that both went their way.  THEN, while you can argue the Patrick Lewis bad snaps were still recovered by the offense, that’s still a ton of lost field position that killed drives.  The only time the Seahawks lucked out was on the Doug Baldwin fumble where Kearse was right there to land on it.  That’s still a huge disadvantage; so it’s not like all the Rams needed to do was play a clean game.  They had to play as well as they did, while at the same time get the overwhelming edge on 50/50 plays.  They still have a huge deficit in talent when compared to the Seahawks, so I hope no one forgets that.

We’re not going to play a defensive line like that again this year, so mark that down as a positive.  We’re already in the playoffs, and I don’t know about you, but I still don’t fear anyone in the Wild Card round.  I’m not thrilled about the prospects of this team going into Green Bay, but I’ll do it, because they’re not very good right now.  I’ll also go into Minnesota again, no problem.  As for Washington, their field is obviously a piece of shit, but their level of talent is pretty sub-par.  Give me the five seed, give me the six seed, I don’t care.  Just get us to the playoffs as healthy as humanly possible and I’ll be happy.

Maybe it’s not such a bad thing that the Seahawks have struggled at home as much as they have this year.  Considering we’ll never see it again the rest of this season, it’s time to take on that road warrior mentality.

I’m not ready to freak out about a loss to a go-nowhere Rams team that just has our number.  They’re a bad matchup all the way around, and our head coach gets all hormonal whenever he has to face Jeff Fisher.  I won’t even freak out if the Seahawks lose to the Cardinals next week.  The fuck do I care?  We’re in the playoffs!  Playing Washington isn’t a whole lot different than playing Minnesota or Green Bay; they’re all deeply flawed, just like the Seahawks.  Let’s just get through this next game in one piece and start worrying about wins & losses again in two weeks.

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