Why is everyone losing their shit right now?  It’s not some kind of conspiracy!  The team thought he was going to play, then it turned out he didn’t feel he could play, so he’s not going to play.  End of story.  What’s the big, hairy-ass deal?

This isn’t Lynch trying to be kooky or weird or different or trying to screw over the Seahawks.  While his relationship with the higher-ups in the organization might be “strained” or whatever, he’s a football player first and foremost.  Look back on any player who’s had a strained relationship with management and you’ll find more often than not they still care quite a bit about their teammates.  I’m SURE that if he felt confident in his ability to get through the game in one piece, he’d be there right now, helping his brothers take on their next opponent.

So, the question is asked, Why doesn’t he at least make the trip and play the whole “game time decision” thing?  Well, seems pretty obvious, doesn’t it?  His condition must be worse than we thought.  Let’s not forget, this is a pretty serious injury – and a pretty serious surgery – that he’s dealing with.  Everyone I’ve heard from who says they’ve had this abdominal surgery says it took them MONTHS to feel right again.  Why are we expecting Lynch to recover in WEEKS, when he plays a brutal sport like football (and an even more brutal position of running back, where you’re constantly being hit)?

I’m not trying to sit here and be Joe Twelve or anything.  If this happened to be a Seahawks player I’m not particularly fond of, I don’t think I’d be defending him quite so hard.  But, what about Marshawn Lynch’s personality or playing style has EVER led you to question his toughness?  It’s idiotic!  He’s the toughest, most exciting, most entertaining player the Seahawks have ever had, full stop.

And what good is forcing him to sit out there in the Minnesota cold going to do?  Him staying back is him not being a team player?  That’s such utter bullshit; Marshawn Lynch is the ultimate team player!  Have you read literally any story about Marshawn Lynch the person?  About his generosity, about the way he helps guys prepare.  Did you see how everyone lit up this week talking about how great it was to have him back and practicing again?  They’re not going to suddenly turn on him because his health is lacking.  So, stop trying to fight the fight no one is asking you … to fight!

What would you rather have, a guy who’s at about 70% effectiveness, who’s coming back from a long time away from football and isn’t quite yet up to speed, who’s at a HUGE risk to re-injure himself in this game in Minnesota – A GAME, I MIGHT ADD, WE HAVE NO BUSINESS LOSING EVEN WITHOUT MARSHAWN LYNCH – or, would you like to give our superstar running back an extra week to recover (without all the pains and aches of actually playing a game in 0-degree weather tomorrow) so he can hopefully play in a game where we could really use him, against the Carolina Panthers?

Shit, I don’t even care if he’s not ready for next week either, if I’m being honest.  Let Lynch get right!  I want to see him go out on top!  If that means we don’t see him until the Super Bowl, then so be it.

I just hope we haven’t already seen the last of him.  I wasn’t prepared for that disaster of a home game against the Cardinals back in Week 10 to be his last game with the Seahawks ever.

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